Cavalier County Commission conducts business at recent meeting

The Cavalier County Commission had a full morning when they held their recent meeting on April 4.

Posted 4/07/2017

By Melissa Anderson

The commission met first with Cavalier County Tax Director Pam Lafrenz to discuss the upcoming Vanguard assessment. Lafrenz informed the commission that due to insufficient staff, the start date for the Vanguard assessors in Cavalier County has been pushed back to early June. Lafrenz also stated that there has been some concern about residents not following the protocol in regards to  abatements and questioning their property’s assessment by  Vanguard.

The commission also discussed some issues relating to Sidwell and the need for the soils committee to work with the tax director’s office in remedying the issues.

The commission then met with Cavalier County Road Supervisor Terry Johnston to discuss the county roads. Johnston and the commission discussed that numerous culverts have been washed out or received damage due to the excessive spring melt and discussed the impact this will have on the budget.

Johnston also presented information on the motor grader boot camp that had been previously discussed. The training seminar would not be beneficial  to the county roadmen, but it could be possible to bring an instructor up to the county to have a training seminar for them.

The commission then received department updates from Cavalier County Emergency Management, Cavalier County Water Board, Cavalier County Extension Agent, Cavalier County Veterans Services Officer, and the Cavalier County Courthouse Maintenance. All departments have been busy and are preparing for the summer.

The final presentation was from US Imaging and Cavalier County Recorder Vicki Kubat. US Imaging’s presentation revolved around the effort of digitizing the county records held in the vault. Following the presentation Kubat and the commission discussed the cost as well as the need for this to be done. The commission decided to further review the information and reach a decision at a later meeting.

In Other Business

• The commission received the recommendation for compensation from the social services board. The board requested that they be compensated $85 per meeting and no longer receive mileage. The commission approved the recommendation.

• The commission reviewed Cavalier County Senior Meals Community Development Block Grant which will be used to renovate the building that senior meals is housed in to bring it up- to-date.

The commission also reviewed a Community Development Block Grant for Pembina Gorge Foundation. The grant will assist the foundation with having financial means to purchase and operate the Frost Fire Resort which is now in its final stages.

The commission approved the request from both organizations to the sponsoring entity for the two separate grants.