Langdon Area School Board holds monthly meeting

The Langdon Area School District (LASD) held their monthly school board meeting on Monday, April 10 where they conducted business.

Posted 4/14/2017

By Melissa Anderson

The board’s first item was to receive updates from the building committee and the activities committee. The building committee put forward a couple of recommendations to the rest of the board including the request from the elementary school teachers to have new cabinets installed in their rooms.

The endeavor was placed out on bid, and the bid that was recommended was for $75,000 for materials and roughly $19,000 for installation. The board approved the bid and discussed with LASD Superintendent Daren Christianson when the installation could begin and when it would be done. Christianson explained that it would be done by August and that it would be one room at a time to allow the janitors to follow the process and do the necessary clean up and waxing.

The other suggestion for the elementary school is to look at a new phy ed and indoor recess area. The current gym being utilized has been found to be rather small for the number of children that would play and also creates scheduling hassles as the gym is used as a cafeteria as well. The suggestion was to make the current gym strictly a cafeteria and build a new facility.

The board and Christianson discussed the benefits and cost of adding on to the current elementary school. The location discussed for the new gym was the north swing set area. The board also discussed whether the building should be attached or free standing. Overall, the board felt that the new gym could be extremely beneficial to the elementary school and its students. The board directed the building committee to further explore the idea and get some numbers for the construction.

Christianson said that the high school was also requesting that a permanent wall be constructed between the math and English rooms which currently only have a foldable wall between them. Christianson explained that the two teachers can be heard between the wall which can be distracting for students. Eventually the wall will also have some storage added to it.

The activities committee gave their report and informed the rest of the board that they are currently in talks about the co-op agreements. Christianson explained that during the talks the cost- share amongst the schools will be a point that he hopes to address.

The activities committee will also work on creating the fall coaches list for board approval at the May meeting so that the coaches are in place for the summer program.

During new business the board reviewed letters of resignation. Melissa Hiltner, who had many duties as LASD, submitted her letter of resignation from her positions. Ashley Henning resigned from two extra-curricular advisor positions. The board accepted the two resignation letters.

The board reviewed the bids that were recently placed. No lawn care bids were placed resulting in Christianson needing to find an alternative. The photography bids received two bids. One bid from Larry Stokke and Laura Dease for extra-curricular activities only and one bid from Katherine Kitsch of KA Studios for both school photos and extra-curricular. The board accepted the bid from Stokke and Dease for extra-curricular only and Kitsch for school photos only. There was some discussion on making the photography contracts for three year terms rather than one year.

In Other Business

• The filing deadline for the school board election has passed and those running are: for rural- Warren Jonasson and Dawn Kruk; for city-Dave Hart  and Terian Chaput.

• The board approved a Title I Cooperative agreement with Edmore. LASD is planning on hiring a full-time Title I aide in addition to having a full time Title I teacher.

• The board went into executive session to discuss the ongoing teacher contract negotiations.