Langdon City Commission meets with Moore; CCJDA

The Langdon City Commission had a full agenda for their most recent meeting held on Monday, April 10.

Posted 4/14/2017

By Melissa Anderson

The commission met first with Carol Goodman of the Cavalier County Job Development Authority and Dan Fischer of Fischer Surveying to review proposed  locations for industrial and housing locations within the City of Langdon. The effort is a part of the master plan being created for the county.

Fischer explained that there are six additional areas that he would recommend for industrial development as the industrial park fills. The areas may still need to have additional fill, but Fischer views them as positive areas as a result of the improvements made to the Mulberry Creek.

Goodman added that with these sites they would also include some more specifics that could be given to possible developers to use in creating cost estimates for its use.

Fischer also explained the benefits of having this in place as a means of avoiding industry expanding along the highways leading into town.

The commission gave approval for the continuing review of the six sites for commercial development as well as the housing developments by Fischer and the CCJDA with a budget of $10,000.

The commission met next with representatives from Moore Engineering who gave updates on the water waste  improvement project as well as the water improvement project.

The commission was informed that the televising, while proceeding, is taking longer than expected as the company encounters difficulties during the televising of the city sewer and water waste systems. The commission was informed that there could be an increase in the contract reimbursement requested.

The commission was also informed that while the budget situation at the federal level is a concern, Moore does not feel that it will hinder the funding from USDA.

The update from Moore regarding the water improvement project had to do with the progress made in ascertaining the asbestos situation in the current city water treatment plant as well as the old one. The commission approved the cost for the taking of samples and gave Moore the go ahead to place bids for the removal of what is found to contain hazardous materials.

Moore also informed the commission that the paperwork for the construction company to begin was finalized, and they will  be able to begin following the removal of the hazardous material.

Moore has been in contact with Northeast Regional Water District (NRWD) and is working with them to create a method of a paper trail for the payments that will  be taking place. NRWD will be starting on the construction projects soon.

The commission then moved on to new business, one of which was approving the sale of a city lot to Gary Bimler for residential development.

In Other Business

• During department reports, City Superintendent Rob Gilseth informed the commission that there are four city vehicles that should be placed out on bids. Gilseth also stated that the street sweepers have begun cleaning and that the city street department will begin patching holes in the coming weeks.

Tom Beauchamp from the Sanitation Department informed the commission that summer hours at the Transfer Station will begin May 1 and that spring cleanup will be roughly the third week of May.

• The commission opened the one bid that was received for the  tower structure. The bid for $400  from Kevin Beauchamp was accepted.

• The commission passed a resolution to be a part of the ND CARES.