Braunberger ordained

Jordan Braunberger of Langdon has added a new credential to his resume as he was officially ordained as a minister in the Assemblies of God on April 11.

Posted 04/21/2017

By Melissa Anderson

“This was a wonderful experience, as it challenged me to strive for something beyond where I currently was, being just licensed and not ordained,” Braunberger said.

Braunberger had been considering becoming ordained for a few years. His decision to become ordained versus just being licensed was brought to head after speaking with another minister.

“When I asked specifically  of another pastor, he responded by asking me  “why would you not want to achieve the highest rank as a minister? Therefore, I decided I wanted to upgrade my minister credentials because – why not achieve the top level of credentials?,”Braunberger shared.

Braunberger began working towards becoming ordained in April 2016. The entire process lasted about one year with him becoming ordained on April 11.

The process of being ordained in the Assemblies of God begins with some basic Bible and theology courses. For Braunberger these courses had been automatically integrated for him through his college education at Trinity Bible College located in Ellendale.

“I graduated with a double major in Biblical studies and Ministerial Studies with a youth ministry minor,” Braunberger shared.

In order to be ordained, a minister needs to be a licensed minister for at least two years which Braunberger had covered with his six years of licensed experience before deciding to go through his ordination. The entire ordination process takes place over three steps, with the first being the taking and passing of an ordination test that pertains to theology as well as to the Assemblies of God constitution and bylaws.

The second step is an interview with the state leadership of the Assemblies of God. The state leadership is composed of the District Superintendent and presbyters which would be similar to the CEO and board members of a business. At the interview, they ask questions pertaining to ministry, family, and life as a minister in general.

“It’s not so much of an interview as it is a ‘how are you doing in these areas?’ and ‘we are here to support and lift you up in your life and ministry’,” Braunberger explained.

The third step is becoming officially ordained at a credentialing service that is held during the Assemblies of God District Council. This year had a record high of 29 ministers receiving their credentials.

“It is similar to a graduation of sorts, and the credentialing service is held for any minister who is receiving any level of credentials,” Braunberger explained.

Now that Braunberger has been ordained, he plans to continue to minister in Langdon, specifically to the youth of the area.

“I fully intend to remain ministering in Langdon for many years,” Braunberger stated.

Becoming ordained held special sentimental value for Braunberger as his grandfather,who died in 2007, was a long-time serving pastor and role model to him. Braunberger  was ordained at the 81st District Council of Assemblies of God in North Dakota.