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The death of The Red Rider 2.0

Posted 04/21/2017

By Jake Kulland

We come to you this week with the extremely sad news that The Red Rider, Volume 2 has passed away.  It blew up six miles north of Grafton on the afternoon of April 13.  It ended it’s run with approximately 275,000 miles, and lots of great memories (Everyone always tells me, “Imagine the stories it could tell if it could talk”… And my reply has always been, “Thank God it can’t!”.   Anyway a new rig is being worked out for KNDK Sports (It may not be Red though, which pains me, but it is what it is), and back in action we will be.  It’s always crazy how I can get attached to a vehicle, but when you drive it for 11 years, I guess that is bound to happen.

Another great Boston Marathon for Langdon native Katherine Beiers

Awesome news to tell you this week, as Katherine Beiers finished the Boston Marathon, held April 17 in Beantown.  Kathy was the oldest finisher in the race at the age of 84.  She was the oldest finisher for the third year in a row.  Langdon Long Ago writer Rita Maisel did some great research for this years event, and we will let her tell how everything went in Boston this year: “About ten years ago a perky little grandmother from Santa Cruz, Calif. came in second in her age division in the Boston Marathon and although we thought she could probably do almost anything she told friends that she had been beaten by a lady several years older than she was.  Katherine Hughes Beiers, a Langdon native, just kept on running.  Most years she took home first place trophies but this year she was singled out for another special reason.  Only seven people entered the Boston who were in the 80 year category. The six men were all younger than the lone woman competing at that level but the men were also all younger than Kathy. Because she did complete the grueling marathon run she once  again claimed first place in her division.  Her official time was 6 hours, 4 minutes and 8 seconds.  Her age currently is 84 and we are sure  she is now also a great-grandmother.  Kathy, we are all proud of you!

Two other competitors are of interest. One is Katherine’s son John  whose official time for the marathon was 4:37:48. At age 57 his division had more competitors so he did not get one of the top prizes this year but his time may be coming.  The second one of interest was the fastest man over 80 in the competition.  His name is Tony Cerminaro from Jermyn, Pa. and he is only 80 years old.”

What a great story this all is, and thanks to Rita for doing a great job telling us all about it.

Two Cardinals name to Optimists All-Star Volleyball team

We will leave you this week by announcing that Langdon seniors Madi Hart and Sydney Ellingson have both been selected to the Optimists North Dakota All-Star Volleyball team.  To see two players selected from on Class B school is awfully rare for this event, and that just goes to show how talented the two girls are.  Madi is of course going to play volleyball at UND, and Sydney the same at the University of Jamestown.  Also selected to the All-Star team is McKenna Mikkelsen from Fargo Davies, who is the daughter of Langdon natives Duane and Robin Mikkelsen. Congrats to all three athletes, and you can find out more information on this event in this weeks Republican.

“See ya!” next week!