Langdon City Commission conducts business at recent meeting

The Langdon City Commission held the last meeting of April on the evening of the 24.

Posted 04/28/2017

By Melissa Anderson

The meeting started with department reports.

The commissioners reported for their assigned departments with Marty Tetrault going over the efforts of the street department and finishing with the vehicles that have been recommended to be put up for auction. Jim Rademacher reported that the water treatment plant for the city has been having difficulties treating water for the residents.

Sanitation had Tom Beauchamp on hand to give his report. Beauchamp gave the commission the contract from Waste Management to review, as they were unable to attend due to weather and rescheduled for the next meeting. Beauchamp also stated that spring cleanup week is slated for sometime during the  third week of May, but no hard dates have been set as of yet. Judy Lill was present for the activity center and reported that everything was going well.

Langdon City Auditor RoxAnne Hoffarth reported that the city clean up night  was very successful with 50 people participating and filling three waste management totes. Hoffarth also addressed the commission in asking for direction in sending out letters for residents to fix curb stops. The commission stated that those in need of repair that do not fall into the area  of the first phase of sewer repair should be notified that their curb stops need to be fixed.

The commission met with a representative of Moore Engineering to discuss the bids that came in for the asbestos removal at the old water treatment plant. Following the study of the two plants, only the old water treatment plant was found to have asbestos materials.

There were two bids placed for the removal of the asbestos. One bid was from the same individual who did the study and was significantly less than the competing bid. After some discussion, the commission accepted the lower bid.

The commission also went over the contract with Moore Engineering for the work being done in conjunction with the update of the water waste system. The representative explained the costs and what they were associated with. The commission approved the contract.

There was also some discussion about the upcoming federal budget deadline and how that could affect the water waste project. Overall, the consensus was that an answer to the funding from USDA should be available in two to three weeks.

The final item was from the North Dakota Department of Transportation project of repairing sections of Highway 5 and Highway 1. The commission discussed the proposal and cost estimate that was sent to the city. The commission noted what some details needed to be discussed with NDDOT, such as putting blinking stop signs at the four way stop and the other stop where the highways intersect. The commission also discussed the need to repair underground infrastructure as well during the project.

Marty Tetrault volunteered to contact the NDDOT to discuss these items, and the commission accepted the proposal.