Langdon Area School District board prepares for election on June 13

The Langdon Area School District (LASD) board held their monthly meeting and prepared for the upcoming school board election as well as the summer.

Posted 05/12/2017

By Melissa Anderson


The board discussed the upcoming school board election that will take place at the Langdon Area High School on June 13. The board approved the four election workers from last year to work this year’s election and also approved the hourly rate of compensation to be the same as last year.

The board also rescheduled the June board meeting for June 19 at 7:30 to allow the board to canvass the election results.

The board heard updates from LASD Superintendent Daren Christianson on the happenings of the school. Christianson stated that because of the efforts to improve writing skills, he sought financial assistance from the Langdon Area School District Foundation in the purchasing of a cart and laptops for students to use. Christianson stated that the school is extremely grateful to the Foundation for their support in funding technology for the students of LASD.

Christianson also went over the preliminary budget for LASD for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year. Christianson explained the goals of the next school year, specifically in the elementary for preparing students for high school. The school is looking at updating language arts books in the elementary as necessary to have students reading at the 7th grade level by the end of their 6th grade year.

The school is also using projected numbers in their preliminary budget in areas such as insurance as there is such a variance that it is hard to have accurate numbers. Overall, Christianson and Eisenzimmer prepared the budget to be as close as possible to final numbers to reduce the amount of work needed to be done later.

Part of the preliminary budget is the school extracurricular activities’ budgets. Christianson expressed that he is unsure of how much to budget for these groups as they are not only increasing in number but also taking trips to state and national conventions. Christianson asked for direction in how the board would like him to approach this particular subject so that it is fair and equal, recommending the creation of a committee to assist in the final decision. Three board members volunteered to take part in the committee and advised that the school administration and business manager as well as a few teachers also be included to look into the matter and determine the best solution for all the groups involved.

The activities committee gave their report. The committee reviewed the list of fall and winter sports’ coaches at their meeting and approved all of them. Evaluations of the coaches were also conducted and the were found to be satisfactory. The committee reviewed cheerleading numbers and came to the conclusion that if a minimum of six cheerleaders for football and four for basketball were not met that those programs would not be continued until numbers allowed.

The committee also updated the bus policy for activities use. The buses will undergo a review at the service facility prior to the season and if anything beyond normal wear and tear occurs such as ripped seats or other types of damage, the activity will be charged for the repair.

The committee reviewed the allowances for clinic costs that coaches receive. The decision was made that coaches are only allowed $500 per sport and a maximum of $350 per coach to be spent on clinic costs.

In Other Business

• Christianson received four interested parties for the grounds maintenance of the school during the summer. The contract was awarded to Cody Schlittenhard.

• Principals Daryl Timian and Todd Hetler are currently reviewing their policy manuals for any needed updates.

• A new electronic sign has been ordered and will be installed before graduation.

• The board approved a revision to the school calendar, moving a later start date from September 27 to December 6.

• Two FMLA-maternity leaves were approved.

• LASD Business Manager Kensi Eisenzimmer underwent an evaluation by the board and was given a satisfactory.

•The board went into executive session to discuss ancillary staff wages.

• Summer school staff was presented and approved.

• The board accepted letters of resignation from Ethen Askvig as head girls basketball coach and elementary teacher Kathy Skjervheim.