Langdon City Commission conducts business at meeting

The Langdon City Commission held their second regular meeting of the month on Monday, May 22. The commission had a full agenda of business to work through.

Posted 05/26/2017

By Melissa Anderson 


The first item on the agenda was receiving an update from Moore Engineering on the progress being made with the city’s water waste system as well the water supply project.

Representatives from Moore explained that the city’s water waste project is still in the beginning stage and that the televising of the city water pipes should be completed by the end of the summer. The situation with funding was also discussed and it was explained to the commission that now that Congress has passed a budget, the USDA should be able to disperse funding for the project in about three weeks.

Also noted was that the USDA may have additional funding available once the initial projects are paid out, making it possible for the City of Langdon to put in the application for the second phase of the water waste system project. If approved, the city could receive funding for that phase by the end of the year. The commission gave approval for Moore to pursue funding for the second phase.

The commission was updated on the progress for the water supply project. The old water treatment plant has been torn down, and the construction crew is working on setting the footings and foundation for the new pump station that will supply the city with the water coming from Devils Lake.

Moore’s Kent Ritterman was present and discussed the city’s financials in regards to outstanding debt and looking ahead with the funding of projects. Ritterman noted that while the city has taken care of three of the four outstanding debts against the city, the rate increase that was implemented earlier in the year to pay off the water supply project was not high enough to accrue enough funds for payments.

The commission will need to revisit the rate amount and look at either doing an additional increase on the water rate or looking at raising another utility or possibly raising sales tax in the city.

The city received a complaint about a property owner having large amounts of construction scrap in their backyard. The resident defended his property and invited the commissioners to view the property themselves to determine if the complaint had any validity. The commission agreed that they would view the property and make a decision.

A request was put in for stop signs or at least yield signs to be placed at the intersections of 9th Street and 12th Ave and 9th Street and 13th Avenue. The commission discussed the need and reasoning and agreed that they should be reviewed. The commission tabled the request to allow the commission to review the intersections as well as get input from Commissioner Marty Tetrault and City Superintendent Rob Gilseth.

The commission reviewed the Employee Policy Manual as prepared by Langdon City Auditor RoxAnne Hoffarth. The commissioners discussed the manual and only item was needed to be adjusted. The manual was tabled until next meeting so the change could be made.

In Other Business

• The city approved a request for the blocking of a street for the fireworks display put on by Emmanuel Church for July 3.

• The commissioners approved making the Cavalier County Republican the official newspaper publication for the city.

• Fireworks permit for Lafrenz Fireworks was approved.

• Knife River Construction will be repairing Highway 1 heading east starting at 4th Street in Langdon starting the week of May 29.