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Revealing the secret

Posted 06/09/2017

By Jake Kulland


It’s amazing how our wonderful area is such a great place to live with friendly people from one end to the other, and will help out people in need at the drop of hat.  We’ve talked about that in this space on countless occasions.  One of the other traits of Cavalier County and beyond is how much people want to know things.  Last week, I told you I had a secret to tell, but couldn’t do until this week.

Well, I can’t tell how many people have asked me to tell them what it is. Everyone has been guessing on what it could be, with my favorite being, “Is it that Free Beer is getting back together?, TELL ME FREE BEER IS GETTING BACK TOGETHER!!”.  That has been the number one thing (By a landslide) that people think the secret is (Although some really crazy guesses were involved to, but as I hinted last week, this does not have very much to with me). As much as it pains me to say, that is not it, although I still pray for that day to happen.

The secret may be a let down to some, but it is very exciting to many others.

Okay, here we go.

Most of you may have heard the Langdon-Edmore-Munich girls basketball coach Ethen Askvig has resigned from his position as head coach.  He tells us, “It was a difficult decision for me and my family, but an opportunity arose for me to get my administration degree, and Jayla and I are expecting our third child very soon.  I will greatly miss the girls and coaches plus everyone involved in the Lady Cards program.” Ethen will be staying on as Cardinals athletic director and as boys golf coach.

It’s very strange how great of a loss Coach Askvig resigning is could possibly turn into a plus, but that appears to be what is happening. Taking Askvig’s place on the girls bench is Rob Scheer, a gentleman who has 28 years of teaching experience in Park River, where he was the head coach of the football program from 1992-2008 (75 wins), boys basketball coach from 1996-2012 (228 wins), and the last five as girls basketball coach (90 wins).

He took the Aggies to the State Class B Girls Basketball Tournament the past two years, taking fourth and fifth respectively.  He will be teaching the upper grades at the Langdon Elementary School, and said he wants to focus on girls hoops for coaching this year, but didn’t rule out helping out with other programs in the future.

Getting a coach of Scheer’s caliber to come to the Cardinals is hard to get your head around, but let’s have him tell us why: “I wasn’t really planning on moving from Park River, but this opportunity came along, and I could not pass it up.  I’m excited to come to the Langdon area, I’ve met the girls and they are a good group. I’ll be working with them to get a summer program set up. And I look forward to putting in my system with what has worked with them in the past.”

Harley Brown is staying on as assistant girls coach, and a C squad coach may also be added, depending on numbers.

On Coach Scheer’s hiring, Askvig said, “I couldn’t think of a better person to turn the program over to than Coach Scheer.  He will have a major impact in our school and in the communities in our Cardinals co-op.”

Scheer’s wife Brenda is a registered nurse and they have two kids, Kaitlynn who will be a sophomore, and Reed who will be a fifth grader.  Right now they are looking at building a home in Langdon.

I have been friends with Rob for a long time, and he is one of my all-time favorite guests on Coaches Corner.  We hope you all we welcome him and his family with open arms.

Delvo makes second team All-State

Well, that secret took most of our room for the column this week, but we have to finish by congratulating Jacob Delvo on being named to the second team of the North Dakota All-State High School Baseball team.  Delvo, a shortstop and pitcher for the Cardinals this spring, finished with a 3-2 pitching record with four save and a 3.20 ERA with 40 strikeouts in 34 innings.  At the plate he had a sizzling .500 batting average with 18 runs batted in, 25 runs scored and 19 stolen bases.  Congratulations to Jake, who is the Cardinals player to be named All-State since Kalton Agnes in 2013.

“See ya!” next week!