Langdon Area School District Board election set for June 13

The Langdon Area School District(LASD) School Board election is set for Tuesday, June 13 at the Langdon Area High School Commons starting at 9 a.m., and residents of the school district can vote until 7 p.m. There are four candidates running for the two positions up for election this year.

Posted 06/09/2017

By Melissa Anderson


There is one city position available that has Terian Chaput running for her first term and current position holder, Dave Hart, up for re-election. The rural position has one seat available with candidates Dawn Kruk running for her first term and Warren Jonasson running for re-election.  Also appearing on the ballot for voters to consider this year is a measure of whether or  not the school board minutes should be published in the official paper.

Candidates for the city position

Terian Chaput is running for the city position and is retired.

“I currently have eight grandchildren living in the LASD, and I would like to help insure that we maintain the school district’s quality education, facilities, and budget for their future,” Chaput explained.

Chaput has 27 years of experience and knowledge about school district procedures from working for the LASD on the employee side that she would now like to use and share on the public service side.

“I can be of service to the LAS Board and LASD by making wise, educated decisions. I can make use of my experience and knowledge of how LASD’s budget, policies and procedures function to help maintain or even improve upon the curriculum and services offered, and the revenue and expenditures budgeted for the benefit of our students, staff, and patrons,” Chaput stated.

This would not be Chaput’s first time serving on a school associated board as she previously served on the St. Alphonsus School Board for sixteen years and served as secretary/treasurer of the Langdon Area School District Foundation for fifteen years.  Chaput is also actively involved with  the St. Alphonsus Church, Hope Circle, Girls Scouts, and Langdon Sports Boosters.

Chaput was asked her opinion on whether or not the school board should continue to publish minutes in the official newspaper and stated that following, ” Yes, school board meeting minutes should be published in the newspaper because the LASD patrons have overwhelmingly voted “yes” for decades on this issue as their way of insuring they are informed of the decisions made and actions taken by the school board that affect their children’s education and their own property taxes.”

In closing, Chaput notes that most new school board members need time to learn about the many responsibilities of a school board.

“With my past experience with the business aspect of LASD, I would be able to take on this new role immediately without the necessary learning curve,” Chaput said.

Dave Hart, who is running for re-election to the  city seat on the board, stated he had no comment for his candidate profile.

Candidates for the rural position 

Dawn Kruk is running for the rural position and is currently the office manager at Brooks Funeral Home.

“I have always had an interest in education as I grew up in a family that was, and still is, centered around education,” Kruk explained. Her family history includes her father, grandmother, sisters and herself who have all attended college and received education degrees. Kruk believes that the Langdon area is very fortunate to have a great group of students and dedicated teachers, administrators, and ancillary staff.

“I want the students to continue to have a solid education with as many different opportunities as financially possible and the school staff to work in a supportive environment,” Kruk said. “I think I can help to continue and to improve these areas by being a member of the school board.”

Kruk believes that her perspective will be different compared to what others might bring to the board table as she has worn many different ‘hats’ in her life. Kruk was a student at LAHS, making her familiar with the building, many of the extracurricular activities offered, and the history of the school. Her first teaching assignment was at St. Alphonsus School, but she was employed by LAHS as a junior high speech coach, concession stand manager and, later on, a substitute teacher. Kruk has experience in teaching at other schools as well including Oakes, Devils Lake, and Golden Valley, Ariz..

“I was fortunate to get experience as a negotiator, was a trained school improvement consultant, and had the opportunity to earn my middle school endorsement to compliment my elementary education degree,” Kruk said.

When Kruk returned to Langdon, she was the director of the Cavalier County Library, which gave her experience in writing grants and working with budgets. Now, Kruk is a community member who attends many school-sponsored events and wants to be involved in a different way other than being a former student, employee, or teacher.

“I hope to offer the board a different perspective and voice as indicated previously. I also would like to work as a team member on what is best for our students, staff, and community,” Kruk shared.

Currently, Kruk serves as the secretary of the Langdon Area School District Foundation and has been a board member for about ten years, is a member of the Educators’ Hall of Fame committee,  a member of P.E.O. (an educational organization for women), and is a trustee of the Langdon Eagles Auxiliary.

Kruk was asked her opinion on whether or not the school board should continue to publish minutes in the official newspaper and stated that following: “I feel it is important to continue to publish the minutes. I realize technology allows for the minutes to be published on the school website for free, but many people do not have access to that. Our community is very fortunate to have a town newspaper, and I feel it is important to support the paper.”

Kruk continued stating, “I would like to see them printed in the paper and online. I believe having both would cost no more financially, although it may take someone’s time to put it online. The public has also voted on this many, many times in the past and have always wanted them printed.”

Kruk feels that it is good idea to have the minutes  available to the public in the paper for anyone to read and not require those interested to have to search for it. Kruk feels that by having the minutes in the paper, it shows the public that the school wants the community to be involved with the school.

In closing, Kruk encourages eligible persons to vote on June 13, regardless of how you vote.

“Show the students of our district that you care about them and their education.”

Warren Jonasson, who is currently the president of the school board and running for re-election for the rural position, did not return calls requesting an interview for his candidate profile.