Langdon City Commission holds meeting

The Langdon City Commission held a regular meeting on Monday, June 12 with a full agenda of business to attend to.

Posted 06/16/2017

By Melissa Anderson

The commission met first with  the Waste Management representative to discuss the contract for services. The contract had been amended from what was previously presented, removing the auto-renewal clause at the end of the five year contract. The commission approved the contract pending review and approval by Langdon City Attorney Quentin Wenzel.

The commission reviewed project updates for the water waste system and the water supply from Moore Engineering via email. The commission reviewed the payment requests submitted by Moore to the city and approved them.

The complaint from the previous meeting concerning a residential property being used as a commercial lot was discussed by the commission. The commissioners had viewed the property and found that it was not in violation of any city ordinances.

The request for stop signs at an intersection from the previous meeting was also discussed. Langdon City Superintendent Rob Gilseth presented information that he found concerning appropriate placement of stop signs as well as recommendations from the state. Gilseth explained that it is not recommended to use stop signs as a means of speed control and that a yield sign or speed limit sign may work to a better advantage in reducing speeds along that street.

The commission tabled the request again and directed Gilseth to further investigate the benefits of placing speed limit signs  in the area.

The commission moved on to review the Employee Policy Manual. Langdon City Auditor RoxAnne Hoffarth made the requested additions and amendments to the manual. The commission discussed another concern that was brought forward by some of the department heads present concerning the family leave policy. After some discussion, the commission decided to table the approval of the manual again to further review that specific policy.

A complaint was received from a resident concerning excessively tall grass on properties in the city. The commission discussed the properties and believed that they were currently owned by a bank. The commission directed Hoffarth to find out which bank  owns the properties and serve notices that if not mowed, the city will mow and bill the bank.

Commissioner Chuck Downs informed his fellow commissioners that in order to bore under the BNSF railroad tracks, the company is requesting that the city add insurance in case of damage or pay BNSF a lump sum to cover the insurance cost should anything occur during the process. Downs explained the lump sum to BNSF was cheaper than adding insurance to the city policy. The commission agreed and approved the payment.

Commissioner Marty Tetrault brought forward a suggestion for emergency management services following a unique situation that occurred in the aftermath of the June 9 storm that downed so many power lines.

Tetrault explained that there were several instances of people driving under downed lines despite being warned not to by linemen and law enforcement. This made staying in front of the downed lines imperative for public safety but also removed valuable manpower from attempting to fix the lines. Tetrault suggested that in the future, if such situations occur, the Langdon Fire Department could be called in to do traffic control.

The commission, after some discussion, agreed and directed that in the future, requests for additional man power be directed to the current fire chief for approval and then volunteers can be sought from the fire department to assist.

In Other Business

• During department reports, Gilseth informed the commission that the street department will begin spraying for mosquitoes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

• The new pump house is ahead of schedule for its construction.

• The city received suggestions from the Cavalier County Sheriff’s Department concerning maintenance of blind spots at intersections within the city limits.

• Hoffarth has already begun working on the upcoming budget in preparation for early deadlines next year.

• The commission approved a catering permit for Sporty’s.

• The commission approved a fireworks permit for Langdon’s General Store.

• The commission opened the bids for the demolition of a house. The commission received two bids and accepted the bid from Mikkelsen Brothers.