Emmanuel Church invites you to community fireworks show

Emmanuel Evangelical Church treated the residents of the City of Langdon to a spectacular community fireworks show last year, and this year, they plan to make it even better. The event will take place on the evening of July 3 at the Langdon Area High School baseball fields.


Thanks to a generous donation from the Walhalla Building Center, Emmanuel Evangelical Church members were able to build safer  fireworks racks for when they shoot off fireworks for the community fireworks show and, hopefully,  at Langdon Area football games this fall. 


Posted 06/23/2017

By Melissa Anderson

“Literally after we concluded last year’s fireworks, the very first things out of our mouths were, “How can we do this better next year?” So it was already in our minds,” Pastor Andy Lam of Emmanuel Church stated.

Following the success of the previous show, Pastor Lam, who had only been in town for little over a month before the community fireworks show occurred had several people commenting on the event.

“That, along with how well the show went last year let me know that we instantly had a reason to do another show,” Pastor Lam said.

Pastor Lam started doing mini-shows for his church when he was a pastor in Wibaux, Mont., and it somehow grew into him then putting on a show for the whole town of Wibaux. When Pastor Lam and his family moved to Langdon, he asked some of the people in his new church, ‘who puts on the show for Langdon?’ When the response was, ‘No one does’,Pastor Lam knew he had to get something together.

“Of course, this was ten days before July 3 (2016), and I think I heard my brain say, ‘challenge accepted’,” Pastor Lam recalled.

This year, the fun has been amped up as prior to the fireworks show there will be inflatable games for the kids and kids-at-heart to enjoy. The games include a bouncy house, inflatable joust, human foosball, and a bungie run.

“We were thinking that something like this should be a whole family event, and we sat down and asked ourselves how could a whole family enjoy this beyond just the fireworks,” Pastor Lam explained.

What is really going to make the evening even more enjoyable is that there will be concessions and not a mosquito in sight. The Perfect Blend will be serving root beer floats for a delicious and refreshing treat, and Mike Hartz will spray the fields for those pesky mosquitos prior to the evening’s show. Also, Sarah Overby of Thrivent Financial will be giving away fun things for the kids to enjoy while they wait their turn for the inflatable.

As the event nears, Emmanuel Church and Pastor Lam are still seeking donations to assist with the costs of the community event. Pastor Lam is asking that businesses try to get their donations into him by June 28 so that those people who sell fireworks can be better prepared for what is requested.

All donations received will  be used within the community of Langdon. Just like last year, the community fireworks show will have firepower from all of the local fireworks retailers: Lafrenz Fireworks, Langdon’s General Store, and Sky Fireworks.

“It let’s us take a look at how we can prepare for the show but also to be fair to the rest of the community,” Pastor Lam stated.

Pastor Lam has another surprise in store for the Langdon Area as another fundraiser occurring is to provide fireworks when ever the Langdon Area Cardinals score a touchdown or win a game at home. Pastor Lam explained that the idea for the fireworks at football games comes from his hometown of Chicago.

“Whenever the White Sox hit a home run at Comisky Park, fireworks go off, and I thought to myself, ‘why we can’t we do that at high school football games?’. I think we need to celebrate the time and effort these kids put into it,” Pastor Lam said.

Emmanuel Church is also trying to raise money for the football game fireworks. Donations will continue to be accepted past the initial deadline – up until July 3 for the community fireworks show and up until the July 5 for the football game displays. The reason for this is because fireworks can no longer be sold legally in North Dakota after July 5.

“Whatever funds I can get, I am very, very grateful for,” Pastor Lam said. “We, at Emmanuel Church, are just looking to have a great event in which we can truly bless Langdon, Cavalier County and, of course, the Langdon Cardinals,” Pastor Lam said.

If you would like to donate or have questions, please contact Pastor Andy Lam at 701-370-7265 or by email at Please make donations payable to Emmanuel Church with memo ‘fireworks’.