Langdon City Commission meeting has short agenda

The Langdon City Commission had a short agenda for their last meeting of the month of June.

Posted 06/30/2017

By Melissa Anderson

The commission heard updates for the water supply project as well as the waste water system project. Moore Engineering is finishing up the application for funding  from the USDA Rural Development for phase two of the water waste system project that will update the water waste system in Langdon. The project will also benefit Langdon residents by repairing city streets.

The commission once again discussed the request for stop signs along residential streets  that are next to the city park and the schools. Langdon City Superintendent Rob Gilseth reviewed other cities policies regarding the placement of stop signs and  the reasoning for why stop signs are not placed at every intersection.

Gilseth explained that many cities have found that numerous stop signs on a street do not actually cause vehicles to slow down but have the reverse effect of making drivers speed up. Yield signs were also discussed, but they were considered to be also ineffective at reducing speed.

Another suggestion put forward by Commissioner Lawrence Henry was to place “Slow Children at Play” signs  along the streets. Gilseth has those signs on hand and can place them quickly.

The commission and Gilseth also felt that this issue is also an enforcement issue. The city will work with the Cavalier County Sheriff’s Department to have more routine patrols on the streets close to the schools and parks to deter excessive speeds.

The commission revisited the question of sidewalks that was brought forward by a resident. According to city ordinance sidewalks are the homeowner’s responsibility for maintenance and repair, but the city mandates that the material must be concrete with a minimum of 4 inch lay.

With the upcoming updates to the city water waste system, there is the possibility that the sidewalk could be made handicap accessible when the work on the street is being done.

The city received two complaints from residents. One complaint was for a cluttered backyard and the other was for a dog at large. The commission gave the cluttered backyard to Gilseth to investigate and the dog at large complaint is a on-going issue that the commission will forward to the Cavalier County Sheriff’s Department to handle.

In Other Business

• Gilseth informed the commission that mosquito counts have been good and only requiring treatment and not spraying. Main street will have new parking lines painted in the near future.

• Langdon City Auditor RoxAnne Hoffarth informed the commission that the city has joined the NDCares program. Hoffarth also informed the commission that the loan grant that the city received for updating parts of Langdon City Hall needs to be acted upon.

• The commission approved the employee policy manual .