Langdon Fire Departments receive new fire truck

The Langdon Fire Departments have a new vehicle to assist in combatting fires and attending accidents.

Posted 07/14/2017

By Melissa Anderson

The four- year process to achieve the new truck was headed by a committee composed of current fire chief Lawrence Henry, and members Joe Lovcik, Kraig Gellner, Dale Girodat and Jeremy Schuler.

“The five of us designed the truck to suit the needs of the department and the needs of our Fire District,” Langdon Fire Chief Lawrence Henry said.

The committee discussed the Langdon Fire Departments’ needs with the Rural Fire Protection District Board of Directors, and upon receiving approval, proceeded with the order of the truck. The committee met with several sales representatives from different brands of trucks. The truck committee also traveled to Lyons, S. D. to tour the Rosenbauer factory in order to see the manufacturing process for that brand.

“This was a process of about 4 years from the time we approached the board and went through several designs,” Henry explained.

Once a design was finally settled upon, the committee received approval to start the bidding process for the truck and contacted several companies. The truck committee reviewed the bids and chose the lowest bidder, Heiman Fire from Sioux Falls, S. D. The committee then forwarded their bid recommendation to the Board of Directors, who then approved the bid and the order was placed.

The price of the truck was $302,000 which did not include the cost for hoses, nozzles or any other equipment for the truck. The Langdon Rural Fire Protection District paid for the majority of the truck with funds from their mill levy. The Cavalier County Search and Rescue also paid for a portion from their gaming funds. The hose and nozzles were purchased by the Langdon City Fire Department from their mill levy, other equipment paid for by the Langdon Firemen through their gaming and fundraiser.

“We signed the purchase order in May of 2016. I went down on July 6 for the final inspection and training and then brought the truck back,” Henry said.

The new truck will be replacing a 1983 pumper that the Rural Department bought new at that time. The truck needed to be replaced due to the  amount of maintenance and not being able to get repair parts.

“Our old truck had served us well, but it was reaching the limits as far as age and reliability,” Henry stated.

The major benefit of the new truck will be its modern and safer equipment. The fire committee designed the truck to make operating it much easier by allowing the firefighters to do many functions right from the ground instead of having to climb on the truck, such as filling with water and reloading some of the hose. The truck will also hold some of the rescue equipment such as the jaws of life. The fire department also added quite a bit of scene lighting to help with nighttime fires and accidents.

“This will be the first truck to go out whether it is a fire or accident,” Henry said.

The new pumper truck is a 2017 Rosenbauer, Freightliner  and can hold 1000 gallon of water and pump 1250 gallon per minute.

“We ordered 1900 feet of hose for the truck,” Henry said.

The truck can carry a total of five firemen, four of which can be completely suited up as the seats are fitted with SCBA seating making it possible for the firemen to wear their breathing apparatus, allowing the firemen to be ready to enter a building as soon as they arrive on scene.

The Langdon firemen would like to thank their Board of Directors and community for assisting with the purchase of this much needed equipment.