Water supply project on schedule for fall 2017 delivery

It’s been over a year since Langdon residents voted in favor of joining Northeast Regional Water District (NRWD) on a joint project to bring water treated by the City of Devils Lake to the Langdon area. Con- struction on the project started late last fall and, thanks to an easy winter, much was accomplished before work was halted.


Posted 07/15/2017

By Melissa Anderson

NRWD has the lion share of the infrastructure project to complete by laying over 60 miles of pipeline, renovating two existing structures, as well as building four new facilities to bring the water to NRWD customers and Langdon residents. One aspect that changed over the winter was that the City of Cando agreed to join the project, reducing the cost share.

“The addition of Cando will decrease Langdon’s portion of NRWD’s infrastructure being constructed under this project. The addition of Cando will also not change the contracted amount of water that Langdon and NRWD have in their current agreement. The addition of Cando was a benefit for all par- ties,” Geoff Slick, the engineer and project manager for the project at Advanced Engineer- ing and Environmental Services (AE2S), said.

NRWD awarded the contracts for both general facility con- struction and pipeline construction to Swanberg Construction from Valley City. The electrical facility construction portion of the project was awarded to Samson Electric from Park River. The construction of the pipeline is off to a slower start than anticipated, as crew size and weather/ground conditions have slowed progress. Slick notes that, despite these setbacks, it is still too early to tell if the completion dates will be extended past late fall.

“Come mid-August an additional two to three pipeline crews will be added to the project, which would double crew size,” Slick said.

The pipeline side of the proj- ect is broken into two catego- ries: the core pipeline system and secondary pipeline system. The core pipeline system is the main transmission pipelines that are necessary to ensure water from Devils Lake to Cando and Langdon.

The core system is comprised of 63 miles of 8 to 16 inch pipeline. The first segment of the core system begins at Dev- ils Lake, where it heads north with a 16 inch pipeline to the Starkweather pump station for approximately 26 miles. From Starkweather, 8 miles of 8 inch pipeline and 29 miles of 12 inch pipeline will deliver water to Cando and the Nekoma Pump Station, respectively. The remaining pipelines consists of 20 miles of 3 to 10 inch pipelines that will provide redundancy and added flow for Langdon, Cando, and NRWD customers. Currently, only eight miles of the total 63 of the core system are complete.

“The remaining pipelines, are important, but not as timely as the core transmission system, these pipelines will add redundancy and provide additional flows during peak times,” Slick stated.

The two facility sites that are being renovated include the Cando water treatment plant and the NRWD reservoir south of Langdon. The Cando renovations will allow the existing reservoir to fill from the Stark- weather reservoir, one of the new constructions, and allow for continued pumping to the Cando water tower. The NRWD reservoir south of Langdon will receive water from Nekoma, before pumping to the City of Langdon and remaining NRWD customers.

The four new facilities being constructed start at the source, with a new master meter station, which will meter all water from Devils Lake proposed to be located just north of Devils Lake. All water from Devils Lake will pass through this meter and then get billed to Northeast and their subsidiary customers.

“This meter station is not yet constructed, and will be the last of the facilities constructed,” Slick stated.

Moving north from Devils Lake, a new 500,000 gallon res- ervoir pump station located just northwest of Starkweather is under construction. To date, the footings and base slab are complete making this pump station on schedule with startup slated for early/mid fall.

“The Starkweather pump station will pump water that is gravity fed from the Devils Lake tower, then will boost it to Can- do and the Nekoma/Munich pump stations,” Slick explained

Another 500,000 gallon reservoir/pump station located 2 miles south of Nekoma is near- ing completion with the last major items to be completed include the electrical and control work. The Nekoma pump station should be completed by late summer and will have the capability to take water from both the Devils Lake source, and the NRWD water treatment plant, located west of Cavalier, if need be. This pump station will deliver water to Langdon and NRWD customers.

The last new construction facility is the pump station located within the City of Langdon. This pump stations construction is the responsibility of the City of Langdon and is being overseen by Moore Engineering based in Fargo.

The City of Langdon awarded the general facility construction to Wick Construction from Val- ley City and the electrical facil- ity construction was awarded to Bergstrom Electric Grand Forks. To date, the underground work, which includes, piping, founda- tion, wet well work, is essential- ly complete as is the new floor and plumbing pipe. The next

task for the crews will be working on actual structure of the pump house.

“Completion date for the pump house is in sometime in September or October and will be ready to be utilized when ru- ral water is ready to start pump- ing water to the city,” Kent Rit- terman, Vice President of Moore Engineering, stated.

Ritterman, who has worked with the city since the water supply project was simply a discussion between NRWD and the City of Langdon, explained that prior to the delivery of the new water the city must first ad- dress the water that is currently within the city pipes.

“The city is looking at the best ways to clean the distribu- tion mains ahead of the new water being pumped from rural water,” Ritterman said.

“There is a different chemistry that will need to be dealt with when changing the city’s finished water. A plan is being worked on for flushing/cleaning water mains so that the transition period is minimized. Water will be available to the city residents throughout this transition to the city’s new water supply.”

Once the water lines are prepared and ready for the transfer over to the new finished water, the newly constructed Lang- don pump station will meter the water delivered from NRWD before delivering to the residents of Langdon. The pump station will also fill the existing Langdon ground storage reservoir. The pump station will then pump the water from the existing ground storage reservoir to the Langdon water towers.

While the Langdon side of the water supply project is progressing well within the construction schedule, NRWD will be pushing the contractors for their side of the project to have construction completed this year. With the additional crews that will be added to the project in mid-August to assist in finishing the laying of the pipeline and all facilities currently on schedule, Slick is positive in his belief that NRWD will be delivering water to the communities of Cando and Langdon by the end of the year.

“The additions of these crews should help solidify the fall completion date, but we should know more when the time comes. The contractors are aware of the fall completion deadline and are doing everything within their control to ensure Devils Lake water to Langdon and Cando in 2017,” Slick stated.