LASD board welcomes new member

The Langdon Area School District (LASD) Board held their monthly meeting and swore in the newly elected and re-elected board members as well as addressing routine business.

Posted 07/21/2017

By Melissa Anderson
New board member Dawn Kruk and Dave Hart, who was re-elected, took their oath of office for the school board. The board then moved into electing school board officers. Cindy Stremick and Chris Olson were both nominated for board president. Stremick was elected president, and Olson was unanimously elected to the vice president position.
The board heard from LASD Superintendent Daren Christianson. He gave his summer update on school projects such as the asbestos check. Christianson stated that a few more tests will be conducted within the elementary school tunnels as a precaution, and if asbestos is found, the school can begin working on preemptive clean-up plans. Estimated cost of this would be $60,000.
Christianson also requested that the board form a committee to address the question of how much funding the school will provide to student organizations traveling to state and national conventions.
The board reviewed the prices for hot lunch, activity passes and gate admission. It was decided to increase the gate admission prices to $7 and $5. The other prices remained the same. The board also discussed that senior citizens, those aged 65 or older, were able to get a free activity pass for all home games including those within the co-op agreements of Munich and Edmore. Those interested need only contact the school.
Christianson also brought forward the need to provide a tech contract with Jayla Askvig as she will be on maternity leave during the start of the school year. Christianson explained that there is a lot of technology that needs to be set-up and prepared for the upcoming school year. The contract would be for $25 per hour with a 40 hour maximum.
The board discussed this at length citing some concerns that this could be seen as double dipping as well as setting a precedent for other teachers. Christianson explained that this contract would be strictly for tech prep for the entire school and not for Askvig’s class time. Christianson explained the only option would be to bring in Charlie Jordan at $75 per hour to complete the set-up and prep. After further discussion, the board approved the contract for Askvig at $25 per hour with a max of 40 hours or until her baby arrives.
Christianson then brought forward the need for a school policy revision. Christianson asked the board if they would like to form a committee or have the entire board review the manual as updates and revisions occur. The board decided to have the policy updates and revisions reviewed by the entire board rather than a committee so that all board members would be familiar.
In Other Business
• The board designated the Cavalier County Republican as the official newspaper for the district. The board also designated the following financial institutions as school depositories: Choice Financial, Farmers and Merchants Bank, and Horizon Financial in Munich.
• The board tabled the approval of the new music teacher contract as the teacher was still waiting for their contract to be terminated at their current school.