Mostad new administrator at OCLC

A new face has been walking the halls of the Osnabrock Community Living Center (OCLC) as Brittanie Mostad took over the position of administrator on July 10.

Posted 07/21/2017

By Melissa Anderson
Prior to joining OCLC, Mostad wanted a position that would allow her to work locally and continue to help and assist people in living their lives to the fullest. When the opportunity presented itself for Mostad to work at OCLC, she saw it as a great opportunity and adventure.
“Being an administrator is very much a new adventure for me, but my eight years of occupational therapy experience has provided me with several teamwork, communication, and interdisciplinary skills. I feel these skills are necessary and will help in leading a team that will provide high quality supportive services,” Mostad stated.
With her new position, Mostad is hoping to benefit the residents and staff of OCLC by bringing new ideas and a positive attitude while serving both the residents and staff of OCLC.
Mostad replaces longtime OCLC administrator Kenneth Nelson, as he and his wife, Diane, move onto retirement.
“I would like to congratulate Ken and Diane Nelson on their retirement as well as thank them for their years of service and support they have given,” Mostad said.
“I would also like to thank them for sharing their knowledge on leading the OCLC community and for their continued support in this transition,” Mostad added.
Mostad would also like to remind the community and surrounding areas of the services offered at OCLC, including basic care and respite care.
Mostad invites the community to stop by for a tour of the OCLC facility, and if you or your family feel OCLC matches your wants and needs, please feel free to call 701-496-3131 for more information.