Langdon City Commission meeting held

The Langdon City Commission held meeting on Thursday, July 27 due to no quorum on Monday.

Posted on 8/4/17

The commission received an update from Moore Engineering regarding the progress on the Water Supply Improvements Project as well as the Sewer, Water Storm Water Project. Moore had several items for the commission to review and give approval on in order for Moore to continue the progress on the projects. The commission reviewed and approved all the items as requested by Moore.

In Other Business

• A concerned resident went in front of the commission to discuss the ordinance 8.0308 regarding a property with water service must also be charged a sanitation service. The resident feels he can dispose of his trash other ways and doesn’t feel he needs to pay the service fee. The Commission agreed that this is the way the ordinance states and feels this is correct.

• A brief discussion was held regarding cat tails at the City Pond. The Commission agreed that the City pond needs to be cleaned out so families are able to enjoy the fish that State Game and Fish has stocked.