New home day care to open

A new home day care will be opening in Langdon as Jennifer Mackall answers the ever– increasing demand for child care providers.

Posted 08/11/2017

By Melissa Anderson

Mackall, who recently had a baby, found the timing convenient for her to both earn a living and spend time with her young son.
“I have seen the recent boom in babies in our area and felt like I could help give parents more options,” Mackall stated.
“I love children and enjoy helping them learn and watching them grow, children are the backbone of our community’s future and I’d like to help mold that future by teaching the next generations core values and preparing them for future learning.”
Mackall believes in good old fashion fun which means the children in her program will be exposed to minimal electronics and maximum hands on activities. While pre-school and toddlers are the easy, so to speak, for this type of approach, Mackall will be focusing on age-appropriate-play such as building blocks, animals, music such as exposure to the abc’s through song and sight, dancing, outdoor play, books, learning colors, using crayons, name recognition and so much more.
Babies, on the other hand ,will be more challenging but Mackall plans to use toys with colors, textures and limited electronics so babies can recognize light and sound.
“In fact, I do not even have a TV in my facility. We will optimize each child’s abilities while working on new ones. I believe every child is capable of great things, and I will strive to help parents reach their goals for their children,” Mackall shared.
No stranger to child care as Mackall has children of her own as well as over a dozen nieces and nephews, she also worked in a day care during high school and college.
“I have been a nurse for 15 years and worked with people in all walks of life,” Mackall said.
Mackall will be accepting seven children into her day care and will also be taking “drop-in” children on days she is not at capacity.
“I encourage parents to call me if they need help with child care on short notice,” Mackall stated.
Mackall hopes to provide spots for three children in the 2 years and under age group, and four children who are over 2 years old but will be filling spots on a first come, first serve basis.
“Full-time applicants will be given first choice to spots,” Mackall said.
Mackall plans to open when school starts as she continues to procure her license and, as such, cannot accept child care assistance until licensing is complete. Currently, Mackall has two full-time families, one part-time and another pending full-time.
“I have had several inquiries, however, until I receive the enrollment forms, I don’t hold spots,“ Mackall said.
Located at 912 7th Street in Langdon, Mackall’s day care is a prime location for child care as it is within walking distance to the park and school. If you would like more information about this new day care provider and if she has openings, please contact Jennifer Mackall at 701-566-3706.