Cavalier County Commission conducts business

The Cavalier County Commission had a short agenda that lead to long discussion on items.

Posted 08/18/2017

By Melissa Anderson
The first item of business for the commission was receiving an update from Cavalier County Road Supervisor Terry Johnston on road conditions and project updates. Johnston updated the commission on gravel budgets for each district. Some districts were very close to going over budget. The plaque for the renovated Brickmine Bridge was reviewed as well as going over culvert requests and ongoing bridge repairs.
The commission moved on to the mowing policy revision as a suggestion had been made to change the ad verbage to state mowing must take place between July 1 and August 1. The commission was in agreement, and the change will be made.
While discussing the snowplow trucks and the need for two new operators, a suggestion was put forward by commissioner Dave Zeis to have only four operators instead of five. The commission discussed the idea at length but ultimately decided to just advertise the position as open.
The commission met with Cavalier County Deputy Tax Director Steph Bata on the soils committee. The focus of the discussion was on how the native woodlands and the North Dakota Forestry Service affect the tax roll. The discussion ranged from who the paperwork needs to be sent to as well as possibly withdrawing from the program altogether. Cavalier County Soils Committee Chair Mark Schneider was also present and requested a more direct agenda of items for them to address. There was also some discussion on possibly not re-implementing the modifiers on the ag soils.
The final item on the agenda was the finalization of the preliminary budget for publication. The commission reviewed all of the budgets that had been submitted and specifically discussed the Cavalier County Job Development Authority Budget (CCJDA), which saw a $40,000 increase to their budget as they plan to globally market the Nekoma missile site as available for industrial development. The commission discussed at length whether or not the additional funds should be approved due to so many in the public giving negative opinions on the subject. Ultimately, the commission voted to approve the budget including the additional amount for the CCJDA.
In Other Business
• The commission selected Cavalier County Emergency Management’s Karen Kempert to be the Cavalier County North Dakota Associations of Counties delegate for 2017-2018.
• Kempert was also given approval by the commission to continue her participation in the Incident Management Assistance Team (IMAT).