Langdon City Commission holds short meeting

The Langdon City Commission held a short meeting on Monday, August 14.

Posted 08/18/2017

By Melissa Anderson

The commission heard department reports as well as addressing unfinished and new business.
Notables for the department report include the efforts of the city street department to clear an area of the Langdon City Pond along the shoreline to allow those interested to fish from the shore.
Langdon City Sanitation Department head Tom Beauchamp updated the commission on the need to have the cement located in the city landfill crushed. Beauchamp stated that the area where the cement is located is needed and the amount of cement there needs to be disposed of. There is a company that can crush the cement to Class 5 quality which would make it use able by the city for projects but also able to be sold to local contractors.
The commission discussed the financial feasibility of doing this as well as the financial options for initial funding of the crushing. Because the company in question would be able to complete the project this fall, the commission gave Beauchamp the approval to move forward.
Langdon City Auditor RoxAnne Hoffarth informed the commission that she will have a preliminary budget ready for the commission by August 28. She also informed the commission that a list of curb stops has been compiled that are in need of repair and asked for direction from the commission on how to proceed in notifying the homeowners that their curb stop is in need of repair. Initial cost estimates is $980 per curb stop. Moore Engineering representative Andrew Aakre suggested that the list be given to him to review and see if any can be incorporated into the upcoming water / water waste system updates.
Aakre then gave an update on the construction of the new pump house. Currently, the construction is about 80 percent complete. Aakre then went over the payments that are needed to be made, which the commission approved. Aakre also discussed the change order for the piping that will allow the pump house to pull water from both the new source in Devils Lake or from the old water treatment plant, if necessary. This will give the city flexibility when changing over.
Moore Engineering is still in the beginning stages of phase one of the improvement project for the water lines and waste water system. The work on the city lagoon is still expected to take place this fall, which is the best time for the work to be done. Moore is finishing up the application to USDA Rural Development for phase two of the project and believes there is a good chance that funding will be in place to have both phases done simultaneously.
City resident Dustin Edwards met with the commission to discuss where the best location in the city water line to connect his house would be. Jason Busse of the city water department was present and went over the maps with the commission and a proposed hook-up site was selected that would be easiest for the city and provide minimal impact to Edward’s neighbors.
Dennis Luhmann also addressed the commission with a question concerning city ordinance. Luhmann will be selling two lots that will be turned into residential property. Currently, Luhmann uses the land for agriculture. The commission and Luhmann discussed that so long as the land is used for ag reasons, it is taxed as such until a residential property is constructed on it.
In Other Business
• Hoffarth informed the commission that thus far, only two adjoining property owners have come forward to purchase the railroad property that was purchased by the city and surveyed by Fischer Surveying. Commission directed Hoffarth to send out letters to all of the adjoining property owners as a reminder that the land is for sale and which parcels are available.
• The Cavalier County Weed Board informed the commission that they surveyed the property they had purchased from the city and found that there was 21 feet that extended into the city street rather than behind the parcel as originally thought. The commission took back the 21 feet that extends into the street and rezoned the lot to include 21 feet behind.