Munich School District has new administration

The Munich School District welcomed two new faces to their administration this year with Gerald Krencke, who will be the new high school principal and district superintendent, and Jean Klein, who will act as the new elementary principal.

Posted 08/18/2017

By Melissa Anderson
Gerald Krencke heard about the opportunity in Munich when he received a pamphlet in the mail, along with school papers, that highlighted the area.
“I loved the scenery in the pamphlet, and I told my friends, this is where I want to be a superintendent,” Krencke said.
Previously, Krencke was the superintendent for a district located in Denton, Montana for four years. This will be his 23rd year in education, originally earning his degree from Moorhead State University, his Masters in Education from Mankato State University, and his specialist degree in 2014 from the University of South Dakota.
Krencke hopes to help Munich School District thrive by helping every student be proficient on the state testing and also working with the teachers by basing decisions on “what is best for the child”.
“I will strive for continuous improvement throughout the school year,” Krencke stated.
“I hope to affect the school through leading by example, striving to achieve my goals, and helping others achieve theirs.”
Krencke is looking forward to meeting all of the parents and community members of Munich. He is also looking forward to meeting and working with the staff of Munich School District.
“Thank you for letting me work at your school, as the Oak Ridge Boys would say, ‘ thank God for kids!’,” Krencke said.
If parents or community members have any questions or concerns, Krencke invites you to stop by or give him a call at the school.