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What’s the deal with all these hornets and/or bees

Posted on 8/24/17

By Jake Kulland

We begin this week just getting away from a couple of hornets that were working in front of the KNDK studio.  Not sure what the deal is, but it seems there are an overabundance of the yellow jackets and honey bees all over the area this year.  Maybe it’s just a fall thing, but they have infested almost all of Cavalier County in various pockets and over much of Northeast North Dakota. And again, maybe this happens every year, and my memory is getting old and foggy (You’ll know why in a couple of weeks).  We will try and do some research and get back to you on that next week.

Langdon Volleyball to debut this Thursday

The Langdon-Edmore-Munich Volleyball team is ready to begin their regular season matches this Thursday.  The girls actually opened up their year at a tournament in Northern Cass on August 26.  They will have their first home match again on Aug. 31 versus Thompson, who looks to a nice team out of Region 2.  We will have the game on 95-7 The Rock Farm, but we encourage you to come out and watch the team in person, as the Lady Cards are looking to have another very special season, with a bunch of great talent on the roster.  Dennis “Scoop” Throndset will be covering the team here in the Republican throughout the season.

Little League World Series makes a nice Langdon reference

Sioux Falls, SD sent a team to the Little League World Series in Pennslyvania this year, and it made for a nice reference to a Langdon Long Ago Little League squad.  If you go to, go to the team previews, where you will find that Sioux Falls is the first North Dakota-South Dakota Little League that wasn’t Rapid City since Langdon did it in 1986.  Now, being that subject came up, let’s take a walk back in time (This was all graciously researched by Dennis Throndset).  Langdon made it to the ND/SD championshp game in Rapid City that year, and beat a team from Timberline, SD to advance to the Central Plains Regional.  In their two games at the regional, they lost to the Iowa champions 8-0, and to the Missouri champs 5-4.  Who was on the team? Well it was coached by Roger Gendreau, and players were Jade Tibbits, Clay Fetsch, Marty McDonald, Ryan Waind, Russell Stremick, Tyler Ring, Mike Brown, Chad Steinwand, Bridget Brooks, Robbie Syomns, Cal Lundgren, Chris Borgen, Chris McConnell, Jeff Brown, Jason Braaten, Rod Gellner, Jim Crockett and Clint Luhman.  It’s great to see Langdon mentioned on ESPN, and even better that it brings back some great memories and stories of the ’86 team.

Fall Sports Preview is out

You will find our annual Fall Sports Preview of the Republican in this weeks issue.  In it you will find schedules and team previews for Cardinals football, volleyball and cross country.  Thanks to our many sponsors for making this year Profile possible once again this year.

“See ya!” next week!