Langdon City Commission meeting

The Langdon City Commission held a meeting on Monday, September 11.

Posted on 9/14/17

By Lisa Nowatzki

The board discussed at length what to do with the previously purchased railroad property. The land runs behind the Dairy Queen and across 12th Street.

The board voted to put in an alleyway behind the houses and offer the leftover property to the landowners who have the property adjacent to the alley. Property owners have varied views regarding the property. Some want an alleyway and some want to block access to their property. Some council members thought an alleyway was needed for fire access and safety.

In Other Business

During department reports, the Commission was informed during the City Auditor’s report that the preliminary budget is complete. The finalized budget will be ready on Thursday, September 28.

Water department has a meeting with the Rural Water department to discuss some mutual repairs on Tuesday, September 12th. The Sanitation department had little news to report. “No news is good news.”

The Activity Center reported some good news. Only the weather stripping and door stops need to be replaced instead of replacing the entire door. The cost was a great deal cheaper than the $3,000 cost to replace the doors.

The board approved payment to the Department of Transportation for the city’s costs related to the pouring of more than twenty yards of concrete.

The Commission also approved four legal services agreements for city projects that related to the payment of legal services by attorney Quentin Wenzel.

The board voted to approve payment and engage the services of Utilities Services Associates. The company offers water leak detections services. For $4,832, the company will find all the water leaks in the city water system in water pipes ranging from four to ten inches.

The board also considered the request from a citizen that wants to use his garage or another building as a business. Members discussed options and city ordinances. No decision was made. The city attorney and a commission member are going to do more research into the options the homeowner has with regard to home-based businesses.

Before adjournment, the members discussed and approved building permits and payment of city bills.