Paint your own ceramics now available at Langdon Floral

Tatiana Davis, owner of Langdon Floral, is offering a new service, Paint Your Own Pottery, in her Painted Daisy Studio.

Posted on 9/21/17

By Lisa Nowatzki

Davis explains that anyone is welcome to come in and create a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted ceramic piece.

The process is simple. Come in and pick out an unfinished design. Davis has quite a few pieces in stock that are sure to appeal to the budding artist hiding in everyone She has unicorns, mugs, plates, hearts, cardinals and everything in between.

After selecting the piece, Davis has many different glazes and designs available to choose from. Each piece is painted several times before the final glaze is applied. After painting and decorating the piece, Davis glazes and fires several pieces in the kiln.

Davis has the ability to fire between 15 and 20 small ceramic pieces at once. The kiln she has uses the low-fire method to cure the ceramics. Low-fire means the kiln heats to 1,843 degrees. After firing and cooling, it usually takes about fourteen days before the finished piece is ready to take home.

Pricing is all inclusive from start to finish. Prices range from $8 for small pieces to $40 for the larger pieces. Davis will also special order any piece that a customer wants.

Davis said that all glazed and fired pieces are food safe, meaning that pieces such as mugs and plates are safe to eat off. However, microwaving and running a piece through the dishwasher are not recommended for the finished ceramic wares.

Davis is offering a Christmas class on November 27 at 6 p.m. Participants will be painting a 3-D ceramic lighted Christmas tree. Four sizes are available from 9-18 inches tall. Once the tree is painted and fired, then the customer comes back in and adds the tiny Christmas lights. If you are interested please call to pre-order the tree you want before the class.

Other classes are in the works, especially seasonal classes. Davis wants to offer more group classes next year for the holidays like Easter and Thanksgiving.

Groups are welcome. Although no reservation is required for a group, Davis does ask for some advance notice due to limited space in the shop.

Private parties are also welcome. Davis is only able to accommodate adult private parties up to five people, though she does plan on expanding to offer parties to children.

Davis plans to have a formal grand opening in October highlighting her paint-your-own ceramics. She also has a Facebook page, Painted Daisy Studios, that features the ceramic side of the business.

If anyone has any questions or just wants to visit, stop by Langdon Floral located at 707 3rd Street or call 256-2200.