The Cavalier County Commissioners meeting with a short agenda

On Thursday, September 21, the Cavalier County Commissioners held their bi-monthly meeting.

Posted on 9/28/17

By Lisa Nowatzki

In old business, the commissioners listened to some concerns over the Vanguard valuation of the wind tower property. Some thought Vanguard’s estimation of the one acre lot was too low. After discussion, the board decided to defer to Vanguard for the land’s tax value.

In addition, the commissioners reviewed the applications for the two new snow plow operators. County Auditor Lisa Gellner will schedule interviews for the two applicants selected. Sheriff Greg Fetsch was also put on the agenda.

After approval of the minutes, the commission heard reports from the county departments.

Cindy Stremick, county treasurer, reported that a parcel containing a mobile home is unlivable. Since the owner has died, the township wants to abate the taxes on the property. The board voted to discuss the situation more when the Freemont township sends an official written request.

Next on the agenda was Terry Johnston, road supervisor. He said that his department is reviewing all the old projects and planning for future projects. Johnson also reported that the historic Brickmine Bridge has been put back in place.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) inspections are ongoing. Johnson also requested approval from the commissioners to purchase a laser measuring tool to help measure the roads and damage to the roads. The board approved the purchase.

The commissioners heard from Jolene Ullyott of the county human resources department. Ullyott informed the commissioners that a replacement for the employee in the tax director’s office who is taking family medial leave has been found. The board made a motion to employ or contract Dawn Roppel at $35 an hour on an as-needed basis.

Gellner will contact state’s attorney Scott Stewart for clarification and guidelines on whether the board should contract or employ Roppel. The board approved to hire Roppel pending the state’s attorney’s decision.

A company representative of Butler gave a GPS presentation to the county commissioners. The GPS units, if purchased by the county, would go in the county equipment. The rep outlined the pros and cons of the GPS system produced by Butler. Next meeting, a John Deere representative will outline the pros and cons of using their GPS system on the county equipment.

Sheriff Fetsch asked the board for approval to purchase six new firearms for his department. Fetsch said that having the same weapons, instead of officers’ personal weapons, makes the community safer and reduces the legal liability for the department.