Langdon City Council holds a short meeting

On September 25, the Langdon City Council held a short meeting.

Posted on 9/28/17

By Lisa Nowatzki

The commission heard from department heads, reviewed unfinished business and discussed new business. After approval of the minutes and no new additions to the agenda, the commission heard reports from the city departments.

The city superintendent and street departments reported lots of road patching was done over the past few weeks with a week and a half left to go on the street patching project. The city sewers cleaning is almost done.

The city also ordered salt to mix with the sand for the roads. Five semi loads of salt were ordered and received for $11,000. All snow equipment has been checked and readied for the coming winter. Snow blowers are ready and extra parts for maintenance have been ordered and are on hand. Culverts and other areas of the city have been mowed.

The Sanitation department reported all good, business as usual. The board discussed at length what to do about a Langdon resident that had stopped putting his garbage out for pickup and has stopped paying his garbage removal  fee. Since he has paid all his other utilities, the board discussed their next option if the resident gets three months behind on the garbage fee. The commission decided to let the city attorney talk to the resident, and if he gets three months behind, his water will be cut off.

The police department reported all is well. Everything went well at a JV volleyball tournament according to the report from LAC.

The city auditor’s report included an approved permit to clean out the creek. The auditor also notified the board that the city has received a 90% funded grant for $74,100 for the sidewalk improvement project. The only drawback is that the city will have to hire an architect because the grant is over $5000. The auditor also said that there is money from the grant to help pay for the architect services.

The board also discussed moving money from reserve funds into the general fund. They decided to move the money to the general fund and to delay the decision about what reserve fund accounts will get the excess funds.

In the unfinished business column, the board discussed the water supply improvements and phase one and two of the water storm water improvements. No issues were brought up or discussed.

The commission then discussed new business regarding building permits. All permits were approved. Then the board reviewed and approved the city bills that needed payment.