New Cavalier County Republican website to go live Oct. 13

The Cavalier County Republican will switch Oct. 13 to a new website that is secured by a pay wall.

Posted on 9/28/17

While the change allows for a more user-friendly, immersive site, there is some information that you, as the audience, may need to know.

At the launch of the updated website (, those who visit will experience a completely new look and many new features, including a full digital e-Edition of the weekly print product, the ability to purchase print and digital subscriptions online and, also, to place classified ads into the paper directly from our website.

Every piece of content from the print edition will be featured on the website compared with only the top stories we currently share online, and the website will be updated around the clock—you can expect coverage to be posted online as news unfolds around the community and not just on Mondays when the print editions are delivered. This turns our online operation into a daily process, while our print edition continues as a weekly product.

Our new site utilizes a third-party subscription service called TinyPass, which has an excellent history in providing safe and user-friendly service. Those wishing to access stories that are behind our pay wall can simply click a link on our site that will allow for them to purchase a subscription for access. They will then receive instant access to the full site.

The prices for digital subscriptions have different price points, which vary by its length. Those prices are slightly higher than for our print product because more content is available on the site and it is updated daily instead of only on Saturdays.

Content behind the pay wall that requires a subscription will include original news stories, feature stories, original story series, some more interactive multimedia content, letters to the editor, opinion pieces and editorials, announcements, our weekly e-Edition of the Cavalier County Republican and an e-Edition archive, which will provide access to full print editions from previous months.

Not everything posted throughout each week will be behind the pay wall and, starting out, an online subscription will only be required for a limited amount of content. We realize moving to a pay site is a big change, and we want our readers to become accustomed with the new site and experience its enhanced capabilities before we start putting more content behind the pay wall.

When breaking news occurs, those stories will remain free and available for everyone to read. Also free to view will be obituaries, simple press releases, classifieds, calendar of events, the e-Edition of The Cavalier County Republican and some news stories at the editor’s discretion.

Existing print subscribers will receive a free digital subscription for as long as their print subscription is valid. Print subscribers can log onto our website, navigate to the “subscription” page and input their information to request a unique code that will access their digital subscription.

Users of devices other than computers, such as mobile phones and tablets, will be able to access a mobile version of the website that adapts to fit their specific screen size.