Langdon City Commission meeting held on October 9; water project updates were discussed

On Monday, October 9, the Langdon City Commission held their regular bimonthly meeting.

Posted on 10/12/17

By Lisa Nowatzki

After approval of last meeting’s minutes and no additions to the agenda, the Commission heard from Shannon Duerr of the JDA.

Duerr asked for a 0% interest loan for Billy and Marie Mack to buy the Bread Pan from Jim and Cheryl Balk. Also on the table, Duerr asked for approval of funds for Kyle Moen for improving windows and siding on his building. Then Duerr asked for $4,620 to hire a company to go to the Nekoma pyramid site and take 360 degree images of the pyramid and the outbuildings to help with tourism and to alleviate safety concerns. The commission approved the amounts without discussion.

The street commissioner reports that all is well. His department is getting equipment ready for winter and  patching streets where they need patching.

The water commissioner reported that all the plants are running well. On Wednesday, October 11, the leak detection company will be in town working. Rademacher has been busy cleaning gate valves and risers to prepare for the leak detection. The quote for the south lift station valve that needs to be rebuilt again is in, and the estimated quote to repair the old one costs nearly as much as purchasing a new one.

The sanitation commissioner reported that everything is running as it should be, and they are getting ready for winter. Next week the guys from the shearing company are coming up to measure and then start crushing the old concrete about ten days after that. The city has enough storage space and has a place to store all of the crushed concrete.

Activity center reports that girls volleyball practice is ongoing, and the center is running membership specials this month. One wedding reception is to be held at the center this month.

The city auditor reported that the insurance policy is up for renewal with calls for bids for a three year period.

After a call for unfinished business, Jeremy Schuler gave the commissioners an update on the water project. The 12-inch line from Starkweather to Nekoma is complete. The two-and-a-half mile section of the 10-inch line south of Langdon is scheduled to be completed this week or next week at the latest.

He estimates the Nekoma pump station to start up right around October 23. That will allow for pumping water from Cavalier north, getting the system up and running until the Devils Lake water is ready so they can test the water and flush the lines.

The Starkweather reservoir is estimated to be completed in November. The 16-inch line from Devils Lake to Starkweather has 16.2 miles complete as of Saturday. That means there are 8.9 miles remaining to go, which is estimated to be complete in November. Right now, there are two crews working on the 16-inch line, and they are averaging about a half-mile per day. The estimated time to get water to Langdon is still on time for January, weather permitting.

Coming into Langdon, there is a large junk pile that will hinder the waterline crew. Schuler wanted to know if they should bore under the junk pile or curve around it. Schuler assured the members that there was enough pipe and money to take either action. After some discussion, the Commission voted to bore under rather than curve around. The board also voted to make the 10-inch line come straight up 4th street from the field following 4th street. Schuler gave the members the right of easement drawn up for the waterline property.

Andrew Aakre from Moore Engineering gave updates on phase one and two sewer, water, storm, and water improvements. Water supply improvements will be emailed to commissioners for dates.

The new pump house construction is progressing. Bergstrom Electrical is almost done but delayed because of a control panel. If they are not done by November 6, then the company forecasts a start-up date for the middle of November. They will be able to start-up the pump house without water from Devils Lake.

Aakre requested $189,119.95 for construction. The members approved the payment. Langdon has already contributed 1.45 million. Contract one payment totaled $28,000.00, and contract two totaled $8,608. The board approved to make all three payments.

The city opened bids on phase one last week. Three bids were received. The consensus was that they all were too high and over budget. The lowest bid came in at 4.6 million which is over budget. Bid results were too high because unit prices are more than estimated.

Aakre also speculated that part of the problem is timing, which is the biggest contributing factor. Also, some contractors are too busy to get bids together. Aakre feels that the city will get better unit prices if they wait and call for bids in January.

The cty auditor asked a question from resident. The resident wanted to know if she could get her sewer lines redone when the city redoes the sewer lines in front of her house. The board decided to give the resident the phone number of the contractor, and she could negotiate directly with the contractor. Two catering permits for Sporty’s were approved.

The board decided to allow Gary Bimler to review all building permits before they vote on them. The meeting was then adjourned.