County Commissioners meeting

On Tuesday, October 17th, the Cavalier County Commissioners had their regularly scheduled meeting at the courthouse.

Posted on 10/19/17

By Lisa Nowatzki

First on the agenda was Dan Moretz from NextEra Energy.

NextEra Energy is the company that is responsible for all of the windmills in the area. Moretz came to the meeting to get ideas from the commissioners about local and county projects in the community that need additional funding.

To receive the extra funds, area project managers and community leaders need to go through an application process with NextEra Energy. At the meeting, county commissioners decided to apply for funding from NextEra to pay for new fire alarms in the courthouse.

The group also decided to apply for funds to help pay for the $33,000 loan for the US Imaging Digitizing project the county has borrowed. Other city and county entities have been notified of the possible funds and application process.

In other business, the board voted to place the GPS equipment on hold. The group decided to leave the question of installation up to the individual townships, especially since purchase and use of GPS units would mean an increase in the rate per hour fee. If local townships decided they want and need the GPS equipment on their local equipment, then the question could be revisited in the spring.

More old business was discussed with Road Supervisor Terry Johnston. The question of how to help Johnston during the FEMA inspections and other related associated jobs that come with the FEMA funds was discussed at length, but no decision was made.

The board also discussed planting eight trees associated with the Brick Mine Bridge project. Since the bridge construction is complete, a number of new trees must be planted, specifically two trees for each tree that was removed or destroyed during the bridge project. Four trees had to be removed, therefore, eight new trees have to be planted.

The question of survivability was brought up, specifically if the trees were planted now. They would not survive the winter. The bridge contractor wanted to plant the trees now so that they could close the books on the project. The commissioners voted for the county to incur the cost of the tree planting in the spring rather than the construction company planting the new trees now and have them die during the winter

The board also revisited the subject of comp time for county employees. State’s Attorney Scott Stewart agreed that the county can mandate county employees take comp time before using vacation time.

Stewart stressed that the county must change the vacation and comp time policy. Currently the policy states that an employee will lose any comp time over six months old. The new policy would state that an employee cannot have over 240 hours of comp time, and comp time would not have a six month expiration date.

The board approved the 2016 audit and heard updates from department heads. During the meeting Roxanne Hoffarth, Langdon City Auditor, asked the board for approval to use the city’s GIS Sidwell file for shape and data information related to Langdon’s upcoming street and water projects.

The board voted to approve Langdon’s use of the file as long as the city agreed to pay any incurred fees and costs associated with use and maintenance of the file.

The group also received appraisal property values on delinquent property in the county. The Cavalier County Tax Sale will be held November 21, 2017.