Cavalier County Cancer Crusaders, new local organization

It is an undisputed fact; the  United States of America is the most generous nation on Earth. Americans give, and Americans help.

Posted 11/22/17

By Lisa Nowatzki

Locally, when one of our own needs help, the community and the county rallies. Kathy Muhs and her organization have answered the question, “Why not help our own?”

On November 9, the Cavalier County Cancer Crusaders held their inaugural meeting. The group of volunteers formed a non-profit organization that helps local area cancer patients. Crusader’s President Kathy Muhs said that the group first had the idea to collect local funds for local cancer patients back during the summer. At the end of September, the group received their non-profit stamp of approval.

Muhs said that any cancer patients living in Cavalier County are eligible to receive funds. According to treasurer Mickey Cain, some groups have already given money to the Cancer Crusaders. The Pembina Gorge Dirt Riders and the local Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America both made substantial donations. Cain said, “Some cancer patients will get checks from the Crusaders this week.”

Besides Muhs and Cain, the other board members include: vice president Runa Anderson, secretary Jessica Tank, Betty Coyle, Adrian Olson, and Gwen Witzel. Though many Cancer Crusader board members have been volunteers for the American Cancer Society and helped with the Cancer Society fundraisers, the Cancer Crusaders are not affiliated with the American Cancer Society in any way.

According to Muhs, “Patients and their families so often question why local funds donated to events like Relay for Life cannot stay in Cavalier County to help local patients. We feel like we are meeting that need in the community.”

Since the Crusaders are a new organization, Muhs and Cain wanted to let Cavalier County citizens know that the Cancer Crusaders are here to help.

Though the group is just getting started and settled in, they are still actively seeking donations and cancer patient nominations from around the county.

If you want to help out, there are several ways to contribute. The group needs more volunteers, more donations, and more local businesses to get involved. Throughout the year, the group plans on having a number of fundraisers like the Spring Rummage Sale, bake sales, and banquets to help raise money for the County Crusaders.

If you know someone in the county that has cancer, or you want to volunteer your time or want to donate to the Crusaders, go see Cain at Choice Financial Bank or call her at (701) 256-3479 or call Muhs at (701) 256-3342. President Muhs also asks that Cavalier County residents pass the word around about her group. “Let people know and get involved.”

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