Cavalier County Commissioners have a productive meeting

On Nov. 21 the Cavalier County Commissioners held their regularly scheduled meeting.

Posted 11/22/17

By Lisa Nowatzki

After the call to order and approval of the minutes and vouchers, on the agenda was some old business regarding Extension Agent funds and who can be charged and who can donate to the fund.

Donations that are accepted cannot be designated or directed by the donor. Next year’s projected excess will be $2320. County Auditor Lisa Gellner will lower the levy this year because of the build-up of funds.

One of the snow plows that was fixed from an insurance claim, has a broken wing that will not lift up. The design may be wrong with the blade.

Gellner advised the commission that the county has $41,685 of collected funds from the townships for the Vanguard bill. The commission approved the payment of the collected funds to Vanguard.

The commissioners moved to approve the contract for Employee Assistant Program with the Village at $1,500. The contract was approved.

The county employees used both hours of training for the wellness day.

The commission discussed using a chainsaw to remove small trees from the roadside and right of ways.

The group heard from the Road Supervisor, Terry Johnston and an engineer that is working on the box culvert job. The lowest bidder was Gladen Construction from Laporte, Minn., for $424,448.00. The Engineer’s estimate for the job was $465,000, for nearly $40,000 under estimate.

The construction company has done work for the county in the past (3 box culverts) and bid lower than the estimated engineering cost. The construction engineering contract and the awards contracts were approved by the board. The engineer gave the group several options to save money on the gravel and pavement projects around the counties.

Johnston informed the commission that a private citizen offered $10 per plank for the left over planks from the Brick Mine Bridge Project. The planks originally cost $90 a piece. The commission decided not to accept $10 because it was too low and decided to hold on to the boards and donate them to the townships if the boards can be used.

The meeting was adjourned and then the Public Hearing for  Amended Zoning Regulations began. Commissioner Stanley Dick mentioned to the commission that in the near future, the county will need to add to or clarify the verbiage on marijuana dispensaries.

County Attorney, Scott Stewart covered the individual amendments made to the zoning regulations. The commissioners voted to approve the amendments. The group also discussed and passed raising the permit price from $25 to $100. Locals are not required to file for permits so the price is reasonable.

Nekoma township zoning is not recorded at the recorders office. It is also not on the website. Gellner asked County Attorney, Scott Stewart to record Nekoma’s zoning on the county website. The amendments were accepted by a roll call vote. Everyone voted to approve the new amendments

The public meeting was adjourned, and the delinquent tax sale begun. No one wanted to purchase the land from the delinquent tax sale.  No one showed up from the public with any interest in the land.

The sale was adjourned, and then the regular meeting was opened. The commissioners heard from all of the roadmen in the county with a department update.

One sander truck is down. Osnabrock’s truck needs the wheels to be put on. The snowplow for the Munich district is down. The wing broke after three miles of use. The tilt of the wing snapped the cylinder end off of the wing.

District four has the old plow, and it is ready to go. Jim Radermacher is the part-time operator. There is a new operator in Osnabrock. The old truck will be used for a spare in all townships. With the old truck, they are trying 15 inch wheels and 8-ply tires.

The consensus is that 15 inch tires work great. It  doesn’t throw rocks, and it rides smoothly down the road. One needed two new tires, and the group had to decide which truck to update from the road crew.

The group then addressed the small tax office of Pam LaFrenz. Some other offices in the county building can be converted for the tax office. The new offices are bigger and offer more space and privacy. The decision to move to another office is tabled until LaFrenz can decide what office space she wants.

NextEra Energy applications for donation or donation request letters were examined by the commissions and voted to send all the applications to the NextEra Energy donation committee.

Finally the commissioners adjourned and opened the Danielson abatement hearing. After hearing from attorneys Stewart and Cameron Sillers, the commissioners examined pictorial evidence by Cameron Sillers. The property was assessed at $85,000. Similar properties are valued cheaper. Sillers asked the commission to value the property at $30,000 for the 2015-2016 years. The commissioners voted and approved to value the property at $30,000.

After closing the abatement hearing, the commissioners adjourned the meeting.

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