Langdon Area School Board met on Nov. 20 for regular meeting

Langdon Area School Board had a productive meeting on November 20. After a call to order the consent agenda was approved.

Posted 11/22/17

By Lisa Nowatzki

Two items from the building committee was added to the agenda. A letter were written to the school board from a teacher. During discussion, the board decided to appoint three members to evaluate the situation and bring back recommendations to the board. One board member thought the issue was not a school board issue.

During the Superintendent’s report, Daren Christianson stated that the elementary hot lunch program review went well. He also stated that the program is carrying $100,000 more in the program than recommended. Christianson recommended moving the money into the general fun construction line. The recommendation was added to the agenda. The North Dakota Safety Council gave the Alive at 25 presentation on November 8 to the 9-12 grade students. He thought this was a successful program worth repeating in the future. “The kids were attentive but a little chatty, which is nice because they were engaged.”

Christianson is in contact with US Attorney Chris Meyers about organizing an Opioid addiction presentation for the area schools. The tentative date is Jan. 25, 2018. The discussion rounded to medication drop off places in the county. Two places identified, the Sheriff’s Department and Langdon Pharmacy, are old medication drop-off points. The Superintendent wants to get the word out about the opioid presentation and encourage everyone in the community to attend.

The Superintendent also mentioned that the Edmore School District wants to engage in talks about school integration with the Langdon Area School District. Some in Edmore want to be able to keep the newer part of their building maintained for a period of time. Christianson assured the Edmore district that Langdon Area would “be a good neighbor” and work with the school officials.

Christianson also covered the possibility of starting AP classes. Training for teachers will be available during the summer.

The principals’ reports, all is well.

Old Business: Convention reports: Several board members reported on what they learned during the State Convention. Part of the discussion covered safe places and emergency shelter for the elementary kids. For example if they had to leave and the weather was 20 below-the kids would go to the high school.

Another board member mentioned the concusion policy. All the 7-12 grade kids have been tested for a concussion for a baseline if a head injury occurs.

Interviews are tentatively Dec. 1 for the new personnel.

FMLA was approved for two employees. The letter of request for funds from the Social Sciences Club was approved. A new Assistant Business Manager was approved and hired. Several policy updates were amended and approved. The board also discussed extensively the cell phone policy at school.

There were two recommendations from the building committee. A motion was made for  Valuations Northwest to come in and inventory the school for $7,870 that includes inventory software program for insurance purposes. The board also voted to approve cabinest for two classrooms for $14,095.35. The board did the Superintendent evaluation. Christianson was given an overall satisfactory.

The date for the next meeting was set and then the board adjourned.

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