City Commissioners met with short agenda

The Langdon City Commissioners held a short meeting Monday, Nov. 27. After the Pledge of Allegiance, the insurance bid was added to the minutes of the last meeting before the commissioners approved the final minutes. 

Posted 11/30/17

By Lisa Nowatzki

After the addition to the minutes, City Auditor RoxAnne Hoffarth added a list of items to the agenda regarding the water connection with the Northeast Regional Water District. Hoffarth also suggested placing the update on the city Facebook page notifying the public of the switchover occurring Saturday, Dec. 2.

Department reports were next. The City Supervisor and Water Department reported all is well. The Sanitation Department reported on the cement crushing. The job is taking longer than expected with RTS Shearing because the prep crew and crusher crew came within days of each other, not weeks. The transfer station needed some adjustments but is now working well after maintenance.

The Activity Center reported that next week it will host the Canola Show and that letters requesting donations were sent out regarding the replacement of exercise equipment that is over a decade old. Also, the last wedding reception of the season went well.

The City Auditor’s report listed Governor Burgum’s visit as a success. The Park Board meeting went well, and the interim money for the first phase came in on Nov. 15.

In unfinished business, the water project money came in for phase one, and notifications will be placed in the newspaper and on Facebook to let residents know about the switchover on December 2.

For new business, regarding the Water Board culvert, the City Supervisor received a letter questioning the cost and cost share and how many culverts will be replaced. The commission voted to table the issue until more information is gathered.

The Commissioners voted to approve buying Lillian Zettle’s lot that is for sale. Then the building permit for the Senior Center was approved. A resident requested a building permit for a new entryway. The board voted to check the distance to the curb stop before approval.

The bills were reviewed and approved for payment. Amotion for adjournment was accepted, and the meeting ended.

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