Cavalier County Commissioners discuss topics at last meeting

The Cavalier County Commissioners convened for their regular meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 5.

Posted 12/7/17

By Lisa Nowatzki


After the call to order and approval of the minutes, the commission began their reorganization.

The commissioners began by making Stanley Dick the Chairman, and David Zeis the Vice-Charmain. Next up in the rotation will be Richard Ring, Elsie Magnus and then Nick Moser again.

Along with the Chairman rotations, the Commission restructured some of their other duties. Moser takes on the Commission’s responsibilities with the road supervisor, veterans service officer, and county maintenance.

Vice-Chairman Zeis will take on duties associated with the Clerk of Court, County Auditor, and Emergency Management.

Chairman Dick will take responsibility for the tax director and Weed Board.

Ring will be responsible for the County Recorder, County Agent, and Sheriff’s Department.

Finally, Magnus will handle the responsibilities associated with the State’s Attorney, County Treasurer, and public health.

All of the new board positions were filled with the exception of one vacancy on the Planning & Zoning Board. This position remains open.

New board appointments were also made concerning the Public Health, Library, Social Welfare and Planning & Zoning Soils Committee.

Then the commissioners heard from the Road Supervisor Terry Johnston who gave a very good report that all is running smoothly.

The group spoke with the Tax Director, Pam Lafrenz, regarding the proposed new office space for the tax office. Lafrenz told the commissioners that she thought the proposed move to a different office did not improve the amount of space allotted to the tax office.

Lafrenz said that the new proposed office space contained roughly the same square feet as the current office and would not offer any advantages. The Commission agreed to table the new tax office space until a later date.

The group conducted two interviews for upcoming vacancies on the Water and Weed Boards. After a short discussion, the Commission decided on the best candidate and notified both parties.

Commissioners also spoke with a representative from the Job Development Authority about the Community Development Block Grant to review and sign the applications. A public hearing is scheduled for Dec. 13 at 10 a.m. to allow the public to weigh-in on the proposed improvement grant.

The commissioners spoke with Anita Beauchamp of the Clerk of Court’s Office. Beauchamp presented the Commission with the grant proposal for an Interactive Video Network to be used in the courtroom.

If the grant proposal were to be successful, one of the conditions of receiving the grant would be that Cavalier County would also have to provide a dollar amount equal to 25 percent of the awarded grant money. After a short discussion, the board approved and signed the application.

Finally, the group paid vouchers and adjourned.

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