Langdon’s Cobblestone Inn hosts Santa’s mailbox

This year, the Cobblestone Inn, the Langdon Post Office and Lacey Klingbeil are hosting the first annual “Letters to Santa” mailbox.

Posted 12/7/17

By Lisa Nowatzki

“The Langdon Post Office has given The Cobblestone Inn Santa’s official mailbox. The box will accept letters to Santa from Nov. 24 to Dec. 27, 24 hours a day.

The letter box will also stay open after Christmas. In case someone wanted to send a thank you note to Santa or if someone had to celebrate Christmas late.” Klingbeil explained.

According to Klingbeil, children do not need anything to write to Santa. All the materials you will need are provided such as the letter, envelope, pen and pencil and even the stamp.

Once participants have written their letters, they address the envelope and stick it in Santa’s mailbox. If someone has written a letter to Santa at home, they can still mail the letter in Santa’s mailbox at the Cobblestone Inn.

Klingbeil wanted to remind everyone to put a return address on their letters. Santa has assured her that he will answer each and every letter he receives.

After the letter is posted, everyone gets a packet of free cocoa and a candy cane. The Inn is also giving away a “Book Basket” anonymously donated by one of Santa’s elves and the Cavalier County Imagination Library. Participants can register to win after writing and posting their letters to Santa.

Other fun activities are also provided for participants after writing to Santa. Participants and their parents can take family pictures in front of the Cobblestone Inn’s beautiful Christmas tree.

The Langdon Post Office has provided holiday pictures to be taken home and colored. If the little ones take their finished pictures back to the Langdon Post Office, there is a special place for them to be displayed for all to see.

If someone has questions or comments, they can come by or contact Klingbeil at the Cobblestone Inn at 256-2420.

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