Lee wins Langdon Area School District Teacher of the Year

The Langdon Area School District (LASD) held their teacher appreciation dinner recently and announced the winner for 2017-2018 Teacher of the Year. This year’s winner is Langdon Area High School math teacher and student council advisor Kayla Lee.

Posted 1/4/18

By Melissa Anderson

Lee has been teaching for nearly 12 years with nine of those years occurring at LAHS. Lee teaches math at Langdon Area Middle/High School and currently teaches advanced math, trigonometry, algebra 2, pre-algebra, and 8th grade math.

“I am the advisor to the high school student council as well as the Junior class,” Lee said.

Lee’s favorite part of teaching mathematics is sharing her love for math with her students. She particularly loves to see her students gain confidence in their skills and learn to appreciate math. Lee has been the high school student council advisor for the past three years and really enjoys working with the students in that realm as well.

“I am able to have a front row seat to their growth and development as leaders,” Lee shared.

This is Lee’s second time being nominated for the award but her first time winning.

“I was shocked to find out that I had won teacher of the year. I was nominated with two really great educators, and the honor of teacher of the year could have easily gone to either of them,” Lee stated.

Lee would like to thank the LASD administration, her colleagues, and the coworker who nominated her for this honor.

“I work in a great school district and feel fortunate to be in the community of Langdon. I would also like to give a big thank you to all of my current and previous students; they are truly the reason I love my job. I have so many great memories from the last 12 years and I look forward to making many more.”

Teachers are nominated for the award by their fellow teachers, and once they have been nominated, the LASD administrators along with the previous year’s winner of the award choose the teacher of the year with the help of a rubric.

“When nominations are accepted, we evaluate the candidate and all aspects of their job and their performance and their actions in the community,” LASD Superintendent Daren Christianson stated.

The rubric has eight areas:

• Makes major contributions as a classroom teacher.

• Demonstrates the ability to inspire students.

• Demonstrates the ability to learn.

• Has earned respect from major stakeholders.

• Takes an active and useful leadership role in the community and school.

• Is poised and articulate.

• Has the energy and composure to handle a busy schedule.

• Has a background of self-advancement through professional development.

Christianson explained that all three candidates were very highly qualified and do great work with students of LASD. It was Lee’s work within the extracurricular area that gave her the edge.

“Leadership and mentorship for the student council held a lot of value for us,” Christianson  shared.

Once the administrators and the previous year’s winner reach a consensus on which nominee’s merits are the best, the winner is chosen. Christianson explained that this is no easy task.

“When we review these teachers, we have to really nit pick, and it is hard to break one from the other.”

Christianson and the rest of the administrators offer their congratulations to all three nominees.

“They represent the entire teaching staff of the Langdon Area School District, and we are very privileged to have them,” Christianson said.

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