Cavalier County Commissioners hold their first meeting of the year

On January 4, the Cavalier County Commissioners held their first meeting of the year. After the Pledge of Allegiance and  call to order, the commissioners approved the minutes from the last meeting and approved pay vouchers.

Posted 1/11/18

By Lisa Nowatzki

For old business, the Vanguard Tax Assessment was discussed at length. County employees will receive training on Vanguard software sometime during the end of January.

During the February 20 Cavalier County Commission meeting, Vanguard will give a demonstration of their tax software to the county commissioners.

Next the Commission discussed applications for farm exemptions. The group decided to keep the applications going on a yearly basis.

Road Supervisor Terry Johnson signed a contract with KLJ Engineering and Planning out of Devils Lake to complete next summer’s gravel project for the county.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation has volunteered to donate several traffic counters around the county. During the meeting, each commissioner mapped out two spots in their district where they need the traffic counters.

The Commission discussed bridges to culvert conversion at length. They agreed that anytime a bridge is converted to a culvert, the maintenance and upkeep reverts back to the township. The group also voted to replace three culverts on county road 12, based on the water board recommendations.

Next, the abatement hearing for two residents from Dresden township ended with a denial from the Commission for both abatement requests. Quentin Wenzel represented Cavalier County for the State’s Attorney’s Office.

Jolene Ullyott, the Human Resources representative, presented a revised ‘shared leave policy’ to the Commission for approval. The commissioners added several updates to the policy and voted to revisit the policy during the next meeting. The commissioners also instructed Ullyott to conduct a class on proper time-keeping practices with all county employees.

Karen Kempert, Cavalier County Emergency Manager, presented a “Memo of Understanding” to the Commission regarding the Statewide Interoperable Radio Network.

The Commission discussed adding a 50 cent increase on the ballot for 911 services. The 50 cent increase would raise the total tax amount from $1.50 to $2.00. Nothing was decided; the topic was tabled until next meeting.

During the past few weeks, with the harsh cold and freezing temperatures, the Library had a pipe freeze and burst in the basement. After the damage assessment, the cost above the insurance deductible was $500. The group voted to file a claim with insurance to fix the burst pipe.

Pam Lafrenz presented the commissioners with an update on the mapping software from Sidwell. The company charged a $900 setup fee for the aerial mapping updates for the 2017 year.

After paying vouchers and no more open discussion, the county commissioners called for adjournment.

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