Langdon City Commissioners hold first meeting in 2018 on Monday, January 8

On January 8, the Langdon City Commissioners met for the first time in 2018. Commissioners in attendance were Charles Downs, Marty Tetrault, James Rademacher, Cody Schlittenhard, and Lawrence Henry.

Posted 1/11/18

By Lisa Nowatzki

After the Pledge of Allegiance and the approval of the last meeting’s agenda, additions to the agenda were discussed. At the top of everyone’s list was reimbursement for water used during the Boyd Square fire. Now that Langdon purchases water from the Northeast Regional Water District, what are some ways to re-coop the water usage cost.

Commission President, Charles Downs suggested contacting other districts and cities to see how they handled similar situations. It is not fair for all the residents to pay for increased water usage during the fire. The question of fireworks and the storage location was also added to be discussed.

Next, the Commission heard the city department reports. The city superintendent/street department reports that the City of Langdon is responsible for cutting down and sanding highway property around the city. All the North Dakota Department of Transportation (DOT) is responsible for is a “little plowing, here and there.”

Last week, the Street Department cut down the ice on all of Highway 5 and hauled it all out, then cleaned and re-cleaned Main Street and the sidewalks. Eight blocks were done and all of the rough patches on the streets were smoothed out.

Most of the City’s Christmas decorations were unplugged last week and three-fourths of the decorations have been taken down. The banners will stay until it gets a little warmer. During the fire, the storm sewers and drains were watched to make sure that nothing overflowed with the large amount of water flowing from the fire. The street department is running low on salt will be ordering some next week.

The city commissioners want to thank all of the volunteers for coming out and helping with the fire. The fire system was tested, pumping out more than 5000 gallons per minute on the fire.

The sanitation department gave an update on the cement crushing project. To date, RTS Shearing has processed about 23,000 cubic yards of concrete and has about 12-15,000 cubic yards to go for a total of about 65% job completion. Because of the intense cold, RTS shut down the job until mid-February to finish.

The police and Activity Center reports all quiet except basketball practice going on and a wedding reception booked for August. From the Boyd Square fire, the fire department has to file an insurance claim for some damaged equipment along with the street department that had some sidewalk concrete damage and possibly a damaged streetlight.

For the auditor’s report, RoxAnne Hoffarth reports that she passed the class she attended in Bismarck in November 2017 and that the city Christmas party went well. One Langdon resident had some questions about City housing incentives. The Commission discussed at length the housing incentives and decided to rule on the claim when the resident fills out the paperwork.

For unfinished business: The commissioners have received the total bill for surveying the railroad property totaling $6500 from Fischer Land Surveying, who donated his services for the alleyway that the City just had surveyed. $6800 is the land price for a total of $13,300 for both. The Commission decided to charge the landowner only the individual portion of surveying costs and the price to quick deed the property for any buyers adjacent to the property.

With the updated notes from Moore Engineering, the Commission voted and approved the updated plans for the lagoon expansion. The group voted to approve the motion to advertise for bids for the upcoming project. The city also paid Johnson Jet Line for the televised inspection of the sewer and underground pipes.

In new business, a new building permit was approved, and the Commission discussed a possible building permit for a resident on Hwy. 5. Nothing was decided until the resident gets to the building permit phase. The Commission discussed the loss of wages for the volunteers that lost time dealing with the Boyd Square fire issues. Of concern also was the cost of the water used for the fire, and the mutual aid fees. The Commission decided to talk to the insurance company regarding the reimbursement of lost wages and other costs associated with the fire.

After the bills were approved and with no further items up for discussion, the Commission adjourned.

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