School Board holds January meeting

On January 8, the Langdon Area School Board held their first meeting for 2018. After the meeting was called to order, the  consent agenda was approved after several budget questions were discussed and answered. Evelyn Vokal, the new assistant business manager, was introduced and welcomed.

Posted 1/11/18

By Lisa Nowatzki

After looking over the preview agenda, the board added the activity meeting and the need for more lighting in front of the high school was discussed and added to the agenda.

School Superintendent Daren Christianson included a small writen presentation to the Board regarding the upcoming Opiate Crisis Presentation on January 25. Christianson invited all the schools within a 30 mile radius to attend the event. Christianson also gave the fliers and information to the County Health Nurse to distribute to interested residents in the county.

After reading the Superintendant’s administrative report, one of the board members raised a question about wanting televisions turned on to the news and weather in the commons area, which is why the tvs were installed in the first place. Students need to see what’s going on in the world. After some discussion, Mr. Timian will take care of it. The question of who will drive the activity bus was also raised, but this issue will be addressed by Hartley Buses.

No old business.

New business: a negotiation seminar will be held February 8 and 9 in Bismarck. After a lengthy discussion, the panel decided that since this is not a negotiation year for teachers, no one from the Board will attend, but several members agreed to attend during the next negotiation cycle in 2019.

To date, school administration has received only one security pledge. Several more are expected within the coming weeks.

Vokal was added to the Hot Lunch  and Activities Accounts with Choice Financial. A motion was proposed and passed to remove the old assistant manager from the accounts and add Vokal to the accounts to give her access.

The Board then turned to discussing policies. A contact was needed for the Drug and Alcohol Policy. The group voted to add the school Superintendent as the contact person for question regarding the policy.

Next the Board rescinded the Acceptable Use Policy, the Bullying Policy, Compensation and Expenses for Board Members Policy, and the Drug and Alcohol Testing for Employees Policy. Then the group voted to approve the amended policies that were rescinded.

Next, some concerns were brought up about the remodeling of the locker room without building committee approval. Because of Title IX, whatever is done to the girls locker room has to be done to the boys  locker room. Also, only 15 lockers were installed, which is too few.

After the remodeling was discussed, the various sport’s coaches and student ratios were discussed and then the spring coaches were approved by the Board.

The Board concluded with more discussion on the remolded girls locker room and then adjourned the meeting to go look at the girls locker room.

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