Vanguard Assessment: answers to common questions

As the Vanguard residential assessment looms, many in the county still have questions about the process and why it’s even happening. Cavalier County Tax Director Pam Lafrenz has compiled a list of the most common questions she or her staff…
Cavalier County to no longer fund Cavalier County Social Services

On April 26, 2017 Governor Doug Burgum signed legislation that was intentioned to create permanent, sustainable property tax relief by transitioning county social services costs to the state but instead may cause some problems for residents of Cavalier County.
Vanguard reassessment of Cavalier County to begin in June

What started in 2015 with the City of Langdon assessments of properties being found incorrect and residents expressing their anger of the unfair and unequal values of their properties, will finally be put to rest this summer as Vanguard Appraisals,…
Historic Brickmine Bridge in Cavalier County undergoing restoration

The historic Brickmine Bridge located in the northeast corner of Cavalier County along a township road in Fremont Township is undergoing some needed restoration courtesy of the State Historical Society of North Dakota and the North Dakota Department of Transportation…
CCJDA introduces day care grant program

The Cavalier County Job Development Authority (CCJDA) has been brainstorming on ways they can tackle a very pressing but happy problem in Cavalier County. CCJDA recently approved a new grant program to help both existing and new day cares.
2016 General Election Results

Tuesday, November 8, was an election day for the history books as millions of Americans casted their votes in the 2016 Presidential election at the national level.
Primary election and measure results

The June Primary ballot had many candidates up for election to various posts within the City of Langdon, Cavalier County, and state and federal levels of government.