Let me say this about that: 6-10-13

Tuesday evening, May 28, I’m afraid as I sit in a chair near Jake, I’m watching him die.

By Bob Hodgson

Posted June 10, 2013

The vet visit in East Grand Forks on the way home and the antibiotics seemed to snap him back to more of a normal condition, however the week of May 20 things changed. It was hard to find anything he would eat. He was slower but we still did our walks and he could still jump up into the back of the truck. That changed fast. Today he couldn’t and his movements outside were slow. By early evening it appeared he couldn’t get up on his feet. He wouldn’t respond to food or water. He could barely change his laying position. Wednesday we went to the vet in Cando. She thought at his age and the problems he was having, it may be best to put him down. Jake would have been 12 on August 17.

It is now Friday AM. We buried Jake yesterday in the rain, however it wasn’t raining nearly as hard as it is this morning. Sad as it was, we are happy we got the job done. I would like to share something with you. I was in my recliner a bit past 4:00 AM this morning reflecting on our years with Jake.

If you awaken during the night to something sounding like a low animal whine, it may be our beloved Jake wanting to come in for a spell. Not only would he like to buddy up with you, he wants to get into your heart like he did with us for many years. Let him in, he will accept you as a friend even if you don’t have a shotgun in your hands. Jake has entered his new life style of no pain, no problems. He went to his eternal life of shade and green grass to roll in, a full dish of food and unlimited dishes of water. We hope they have pickups with toppers in heaven since ours has been his favorite hangout for years. We will no longer need a rug or a sleeping matt in the laundry room. We won’t have a check list of needed items just for Jake when we travel or go on a hunting trip. No longer will we hear and respond to his early morning whine to go out to take a whiz. However, if we could get him back we would put up with all of his wishes or requests ten fold with no complaints. I am sure we will never try to replace Jake, it would not be fair to the new dog. We are accepting the fact that Jake is running way out ahead of me, but this time the electronic collar won’t bring him back. Hunt-em-up Jake, find em.

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