Let me say this about that

The recliner is gone.

By Bob Hodgson

Posted Auguest 5, 2013

It happened!! I knew it may happen, but I didn’t think it would be this soon. I didn’t know Tomi was that serious. Today marked the end of a relationship that dates back many years. As difficult as it is, I’ll try to accept the fact that my old brown recliner is gone. In its spot in the living room is a nice new recliner but we are total strangers. We have no past. I’ve never sat in this chair while visiting with friends and family. I’ve never held a grandchild as a tiny baby or unwrapped a Christmas gift in this chair. I’ve never had my morning coffee, lunch or a drink while watching the news or never fallen into a deep sleep in this chair. So, you see, there is an air of mystery surrounding this new recliner. Will it stack up to “old brown”, my friend of many-many years? Time will tell.

The morning of July 27 and my outdoor thermometer is showing 40 degrees. Can that be? I’ve hunted deer in warmer temps. The furnace is on as we speak. It’s just too early for that! The kids and grandkids will be packing and heading for Rochester this morning. They travel with many boxes of small toys (entertainment for the little ones) so we will be launching a massive toy hunt exercise shortly. It will be good to see the floor again. The grandkids, their parents and Tomi spent fun time at the park. The youngsters had other children to meet and buddy up with, Jacobi and Mabel Olsen and Heimdal and Freya Pederson. The children enjoyed our little park and meeting new friends. It was nice hearing the voices of small children coming from the park.

By the way, since we have the park in mind, I have something to share with you. For some time now, we have recognized the need for a restroom of some kind at the Wales Park. The thought was to look at a vault toilet, something that could be serviced. Something better has come up. Most of you know the Wales Fire Department has been making great strides at improving their equipment, their buildings and their training. They contacted the park saying they have a plan to construct flush toilets, men’s and women’s, between their two buildings. It will be available for gatherings in the park and other city events. This sounded like a good way to solve the parks toilet problem. The park and the city both plan to donate $1000 each towards the project. I am putting this information out so the people who have donated to the park in the past will be aware and hopefully agree with the plan. The $1000 from the park is not coming out of the playground equipment funds. Knowing how well the fire department has worked and improved their organization, others may consider giving them a financial boost towards this needed and well thought out project.

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