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Could it be? Do you sometimes wonder if some of the many disasters we have in the United States are the work of terrorists?

Posted on August 10, 2013

By Bob Hodgson

Give this some thought. You don’t have to drop a bomb, shoot down a plane, sink a ship or have 100,000 active troops scattered here and there to fight a war or inflict huge hardships on a country. Think of the many forest fires, the large industrial explosions and fires, break out of diseases in people and animals. How many of these events can be accomplished by one single person? That’s right, all of them. Most of these disasters end up costing us millions, some times lives and many times hundreds of homes and businesses. The United States government has never been so bad off economically and each one of these disasters has got to hurt. I’m sure our many enemies know that. There are so many ways the US can be hurt and virtually impossible to have safeguards in place for all of them, so many safeguards go unchecked and only talked about. We don’t have the people, we don’t have the funds. We have thousands of enforcement people on the Mexico border alone and that isn’t working well. It has been reported that millions of illegals from 77 different countries have been apprehended over the years. It’s also known that a higher number of the illegals successfully get across the Mexican border than the number apprehended. If all the enforcement people on the border with Mexico can’t succeed in stopping the flow of illegals and terrorists, what do you suppose is going on with the other thousands of miles of border? The Mexican border is a big problem but it’s only a drop in the bucket of our total border vulnerability. Well, lets not spoil our day by talking about our government’s problems.

Last weeks Republican had an article on the early Canada goose season. I’m guessing it brought smiles to the faces of many of our local farmers. Especially the fact that the daily limit is 15, possession limit of 45. If I can find where they are hanging out and where they are feeding I should be able to collect a few for my experimenting on ways to cook those things so they are fairly palatable. The first thing I had to learn was, don’t look for the biggest one in the flock. The younger, the better. The geese are fun to hunt BECAUSE they are so big. Most of our Canadian geese are the greaters so we are looking at 10 lbs or better. It was fun watching Jake trying to retrieve these big guys.

Wrapping this up Tuesday morning August 6, we’ve been recalling the good time we had last night at the annual Farmers Elevator customer appreciation picnic in Wales Park. It was another roaring success with a good crowd, great food and another exceptional evening. This event has a record of being blessed with good weather. Remember, we just had a hard half inch rain less that 24 hours prior and it’s raining again today. A big THANK YOU to all of the elevator folks behind this fun event.

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