Spotlight on Faith: ECHO Children’s worship service

New Hope Fellowship Church, located at 314 5th Avenue, will launch its new children’s worship service ECHO this Sunday.


Posted on 9/14/13

By Lee Coleman

The service will begin at 10:45 a.m. and will be held in the old curling club, now utilized as the Paragon Youth Center at 1304 4th Street in Langdon by the church.

Amy Freier and Luke Economy will be the adult leaders of the program while members of the youth group at the church will assist.

The program is open to all children regardless of denomination and parents are encouraged to bring their children to a program where all adult leaders have been background checked.

“It all started when our pastor (Norm Economy) was talking about ways we could change the world,” Freier said. “I was reading about the progression from childhood to adulthood and how we lose our faith and if we can get kids involved, they are more apt to stay committed.

“The goal is for kids to learn about God but they also learn about the church and that love will carry on as they get into adulthood so they won’t lose their faith.”

Garrett Freier, the associate and youth pastor, sees the program as a big step in the future of the church.

“We want to incorporate children into the services,” he said. “We don’t want them so separated in a sub-culture that they don’t know what a traditional church feels like.”

Amy said kids attending ECHO will enjoy singing, a children’s service, activities and snacks.

“My ultimate goal is just for kids to love God,” she explained. “I don’t care about the numbers that come or the length of the program, I just want kids to develop faith and love God and not be afraid to express that.”

When Garrett was asked to share his message to the community on the eve of the startup of ECHO, he didn’t hesitate.

“We care about kids and we know they are the future of our church and the community,” he answered.

“It is important to instill faith in their lives along with Christian character and living a life of integrity.”

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