Got a Minute: Good luck Bob Tapson

When I arrived in Langdon in August, my hair was shaggy and I needed a barbershop to get me back into shape with my favorite flat top cut.

Posted on 9/28/13

By Lee Coleman

Lori Peterson didn’t hesitate in referring me to Bob Tapson, a.k.a. Bob of Bob’s Haircutters in the FM Mall. A mall? I must have missed it on the way into town. Or blinked and drove right by it.

Either way, I went to see Bob and not only did he nail my flat top, he has become my friend and I am blessed to have met him.

On October 6, Bob, now 66 years old, will run in his 25th marathon in 25 years. He will run in the Twin Cities Marathon in Minneapolis in the same race that jump-started his marathon career in 1988.

Not only will this race be a case of endurance and resolve for Bob, it will be a race that truly defines the human spirit of Bob, no matter where the final results may fall.

Bob told me he was going to Twin Cities not to compete but to just run the race. Maybe, but is it realistic to think a man trains for a marathon running countless miles and then on race day, runs 26.2 grueling miles in around four hours and not compete?

I will never doubt Bob’s resolve but a man of Bob’s character doesn’t run marathons for 25 years just for giggles.

Bob ran the Fargo marathon in May with a pulled back muscle but found a way to finish the race. He said finishing a race was the most important thing for a runner.

Bob will find a way to finish this race and if the Twin Cities Marathon turns out to be his last marathon, Bob will go out on his own terms.

Finishing where it all began.

Good luck Bob Tapson.

Coleman is the editor of the Republican and can be contacted at republicannews@countrymedia.net.

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