The Lee Side: Ode to the lunch box

In college basketball, the culmination of the long regular season is described as ‘March Madness’.

Posted on 9/28/13

By Lee Coleman

In pro football, the end of the season is known as the Super Bowl. In college football, well, the end of the season is out of control.

There is going to be a new playoff system coming to college football and I hope it works. My problem will be handling the depression from not being able to record The Aluminum Paper Cup Bowl sponsored by the Pruned Pistachio Growers of Psy.

On Tuesday, Major League Baseball will roll out the 2013 playoffs and next to the Super Bowl, it don’t get any better.

Major league teams play 162 regular season games and the new World Champions will be a team that is playing its best baseball of the year at precisely the right time.

In other words, throw out the won-lost records. But how does a team persevere above all others?

Simple. The new World Champions will be the team that brings its lunch box to work everyday during the playoffs. They did it during the regular season and now, the reward from that effort is a coveted spot in the postseason.

But it doesn’t end there. They must dig through their lunch box and find that special energy bar that only postseason baseball can produce.

Once located, the special bar is cracked open and what comes out will be the stuff champions are made from.

The amount of special throwdown will only be determined by the final outcome of the postseason.

Big time players will be big time players but in this postseason, the lunch box will be the most valuable player.

Question is, who will be carrying it when the 5 o’clock whistle blows?

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