Ripple-down effects from federal shutdown not felt yet; farmers may feel brunt financially

The federal government shut down is not good news around the country but locally, Langdon and Cavalier County have been spared the brunt of the ripple-down effect. So far.

Posted on 10/5/13

By Lee Coleman

According to Social Services Director Jill Denault, the federal programs under the social services umbrella has not been affected.

“The shut down has not affected our food stamp program,” Denault said. “At this point, we haven’t had any direct results.”

At the county level, auditor Dawn Roppel said so far, nothing has been handed down and she isn’t expecting any changes.

“I’m glad we have already received our Federal Emergency Management Association money,” Roppel said. “If we hadn’t gotten it, it might be doubtful we would. There will be some areas that won’t get their money.”

Farmers doing business with the Farm Service Agency have reported some problems depositing crop insurance checks.

Additionally, direct cyclical payments due to start going to farmers later this month may be affected if the shut down continues.

Langdon City Auditor Connie Schrader reported no impact of any kind.

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