City Commission approves 2014 budget

The numbers are in and last Monday, the Langdon City Commission approved the 2014 budget without much fanfare.

City Commission

Posted on 10/12/13

By Lee Coleman

The total budget for 2014 is $2,291,749. Last year, the tax mills levied were $3,065 per mill and the city received 115.18 mills.

Next year, the city will receive 110.30 mills with a value of $3,310 per mill.

In addition to the city paying 100 percent of employee health insurance premiums, each city employee received a salary increase.

Managers and department heads received an increase of $150 per month while other salaried employees got an increase of $100 per month. Hourly employees received 50 cents more an hour.

In other city business, the sanitation department was scheduled for a state health inspection on Wednesday.

Judy Lill reported a good turnout for the recent volleyball tournament at the Langdon Activity Center where about $700 was made.

Also, Lill said 26 vendors are registered to participate in the inaugural Fall Vendor/Craft Show scheduled for Oct. 25-26 at the Activity Center.

Boyd Block was the subject of unfinished business as the Cavalier County Job Development Authority sought to transfer the deed to the city.

A vote was not taken to approve the transfer, however, an agreement was made to resolve the issue by the end of 2013.

“When we have a full commission after harvest, we’ll discuss it,” said Commission President Chuck Downs. “It is only right to discuss it with a full commission.”

In the meantime, the CCJDA will winterize the block and maintain the insurance until the issue is resolved.

After being denied permission to move a house to the corner of Fourth Street and Ninth Avenue at the last meeting because of a slight difference in the setback specifications, Gerald Marcotte returned to the commission with a revised plan and was approved to move the house.

“I didn’t think it would be a problem because everything in that area is set back the same as I am,” Marcotte said after the vote. “We plan to dig within the week. I have to make one phone call and within 48 hours, we can dig.”

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