Got a Minute: Heed the warnings

The stories are many of vehicles parked on the streets of Langdon that haven’t been moved in, say, forever as the stories go.

Posted on 10/26/13

By Lee Coleman

As the winter weather season approaches, the City of Langdon is determined to do something about these vehicles before the problems of last year’s snow issues come again.

According to city officials, snow plows could not completely clear city streets as needed because of these vehicles.

When clearing snow around these unmoved vehicles, snow berms became a hazardous condition in the clearing effort.

As such, the City is letting the owners of these vehicles know they will be enforcing city ordinance 14.1410 which governs unlawful parked vehicles.

And they are serious about it.

It is important to note here the City is very cognizant of vehicles that have to be parked on city streets for various reasons and that is not the focus of the ordinance enforcement.

The focus sits squarely on the shoulders of those who have vehicles parked on the streets and never move them.

City Street personnel have already begun the process of tagging violating vehicles with warning flags.

Once tagged, the address of the vehicle is turned over to the sheriff’s department.

The warning gives citizens 48 hours to move the violating vehicle and if not moved, the vehicle will be ticketed.

If the vehicle remains, a second ticket can be issued and after that, authorities can have the vehicle towed away at owner’s expense.

And the City is serious about it.

The City just wants to remind citizens of the ordinance so they can move these vehicles and avoid the legal hassles.

But yet, the hassles of being unable to clear the streets for all citizens out weighs the hassles of moving a vehicle.

By far.

Langdon is a beautiful community and folks, by right, are very proud of it.

Perhaps even some of the owners of these vehicles are proud citizens. If so, just how proud are you?

Bottom line, show your pride and move these vehicles.

If you don’t, the City is ready to have it done for you.

Heed the warnings.

The City is ready to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

Coleman is the editor of the Republican and can be contacted at republicannews@countrymedia.net.

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